College Basketball Open Discussion


These things have a big impact on the NET too. Baylor jumped from 42 to 34 and Oklahoma fell from 24 to 33.


It’s super crowded around there in the raw AdjEM numbers. The 28th to 48th ranked teams are all between 14 and 18. For reference, there’s a 9 point difference between us at 5 and Virginia at 1 (5 points between us and Duke).


Anybody else going big today. I got a large bet on v tech over N.C. at then I put a large amount on UNC. Followed by small bets on miss st, Kansas. I’m thinking of taking the points with the hoosiers. I also think I’m using my wtf is that line theory and taking a small bet on Florida getting 4.5 home versus Kentucky.

Who do you got today or what do you think about who I took. I feel real good about unc , v tech, and miss st and Kansas


Usually I’m down on the sec but I think they have a legit argument for being the best conference this year. Are they as deep as big ten , 12, or acc top to bottom? No, but Tennessee, Kentucky, miss st, Auburn and LSU are all really nice teams.

Mississippi, usc and fla have talent too. Vandy really missed garland, they’d be completely different with him and are a tough basement dweller.

Bama, Arkansas, Georgia, A and m round it out. League is definitely on the rise although I suspect it’s not all on the up and up


Someone explain why Kentucky’s only getting 4.5? I want to take fla because it’s so odd I feel like it’s a trap


Hopefully you put a large amount on the under for VTech/NCSt as well. 47-24? Mind-boggling.


No, actually I would have assumed it would be high scoring. Very odd. My buddy bet the opposite way and took N.C. st and was blown away at the game as a whole. He’s a proponent of taking home teams on Saturdays on most tight matches up. Not the most sound reasoning but not any crazier than my theory of betting on shady lines. Whatever works I suppose.


Tennessee is unreal on offense. 6 minutes to go and they have 85 points at Texas A&M.


Seeing how well Houston is playing, I feel justified in my opinion Gray shot them out of that game last year. They had talent, he didn’t bring it out.


Based on Kenpom and Torvik, they’re about the same as last year.


True. I was more so saying guy was a chucker, especially in that game. They would’ve been better offensively if he didn’t shoot as much.


Their offense is worse this year and their best wins are over BYU, LSU (home), USC and UCF.

Did Moe Wagner shoot Michigan out of games and that’s why they are better this year?


Look at their last four games, tells you all you need to know.

“Let me be the hero and put up 20+ shots even though I can’t shoot right now.”

The guy wanted to be “the man” when the TV cameras were on, and I thank him for that since he went 8-22 against Michigan. It’s no coincidence one of the other 20+ shot games was against Wichita St earlier in the year, which they won because he actually hit some shots.

Have to love those assist numbers those last four games too.


The most impressive thing from that game (having watched it a few times…) to me was their defense. Assuming they are still a good defensive team without looking at the stats and that the personnel has a lot to do with that.


That’s also misleading to say their offense is worse this year.

They were 44th in Kenpom last year and 38th this year, not exactly falling off a cliff for how much credit you give him, are they?


valid: Looking at Brad Davison’s actions and concluding that he’s doing intentionally dirty things.

invalid: Looking at a team’s best player taking a lot of shots and getting that he has an ego problem out of it.

A reminder that Houston under him was two missed free throws plus a miracle three away from winning against us and that he had an ORtg of 116 on 30% usage for the season.


Lunardis latest bracketology

this region would be amazing for um


I’m confused.


I understand your thought process, but living and dying by Gray was, quite literally, what brought them to the dance, especially from Feb-on. This season they’re a bit more spread out with Davis and Brooks carrying the load on offense. It doesn’t hurt that four of their five starters are upperclassmen and all five return as minute-contributors from last year’s team.


You know it’s an absolute lock if the committee has the opportunity to make a Michigan vs. Loyola rematch in the first round…