College Basketball Open Discussion


Added a second on the clock. Tennessee ball. Vandy blocks the shot.

If Vandy loses can’t blame anyone but themselves. They had three turnovers in the last minute


Wow, highway robbery in the Tennessee/Vanderbilt game. Vandy had a six point lead got the rebound and a “hook and hold” flagrant one was called. I wasn’t even sure that a foul actually occurred but Grant Williams fell awkwardly and a foul was called. Officials went to the monitor. I saw two players arms get entangled but I couldn’t tell who hooked and I didn’t see any hold. Grant Williams goes to the line and makes two FT’s. Then Tennessee gets the ball and goes immediately to Williams at the rim. Two point game. We are now in OT as Vandy threw the ball away twice in the last 45 or so seconds. Unbelievable. Don’t think Vandy will pull this out in OT.


Tennessee wins. Vanderbilt should have won it in regulation


That hook and hold call was good awful but Vandys late game execution in both regulation and OT was even worse.


Yes, they should have. As I said I thought Vandy got screwed on the flagrant one. Even more so with what happened at the end of the game when the Tennessee player threw an elbow to the head of the Vandy player knocking him to the floor and was not called for a foul at all . Don’t think it would have mattered, but I do think Tennessee got some help from the officials in this one.

Grant Williams for Tennessee is unbelievable. 43 points including 23/23 from the line. Great player and seems to be a really good kid, especially in the leadership he showed getting his team up the floor during the fracas at the end. Took those players and ushered them back toward the Tennessee bench.

But, yeah, Vandy had it won, or should have, in regulation.


Yes, it was, and FT shooting, too. Just throwin’ the ball away, making bad decisions. And that last three point shot form the DEEP corner with a defender all over the kid was just stupid! The were still over 6 seconds, 6.1 or 6.3, wow. That was a shot that he had NO chance of making. Maybe he thought he’s get fouled and go to the line for three. Really bad execution over the last 1:40 or so.


The hook and hold rule needs to be revisited immediately. I don’t even know that this was a proper application of the rule, but even when it’s applied properly, it is WAY too punitive. To give teams a possible 4-5 point possession just because of a hook is flat out wrong.


Adding the time was a mistake. The ball was inbounded, clock started, then stopped momentarily, then started again. Not enough time had run off the clock because of the pause. No reason to add time.


I was really confused by this as well. Was there ever any further explanation of this?


Yes, I thought at the time they would have taken time OFF the clock not added time. If the clock stops but play continues then the clock registers MORE time than there should have been. As it turned out, it didn’t matter.

I am still very concerned about this “hook and hold” emphasis and how it was applied last night. I absolutely think the officials got that wrong, and especially so given their complete disregard for the blatant elbow to the head delivered by the Tennessee player to the Vandy player near the very end of the game.


Listening to Karl Ravech and Jimmy Dykes you’d have thought it was the greatest decision ever made in recorded history.


Those guys are so clueless.


Iowa st is a really good squad imo. If there is a dark horse final 4 team out there , they’re one of them.


Nova is blowing the breaks off a decent Seton Hall team. Wave another tiny flag for Michigan’s resume!


Providence beat DePaul earlier too


Just noticed Kevin Keatts was Colton Christian’s prep school coach in 2009. Not bad to rise from that to NC State coach in less than a decade.


Wasn’t sure where to put this, but it makes me happy. Lately my 8-year-old son has been wanting to shoot baskets in the driveway. In Michigan. So I need to find an indoor court where we can play regularly. I’ve also apparently gotten him hooked on kenpom. He’s got a snow day today and I just got these texts from my wife:

“How do I pull up that big listing of college basketball rankings for Elliott, the one with all 300 whatever teams?”

I sent her links to kenpom and torvik.

“I found the rpi rankings and he just said ‘Kansas?? When did that happen??’ I’ll get the pomeroy one pulled up for him”

update: We played basketball last night (1/28) after I shoveled the driveway in 23 deg temps. We had to use one of those dodge ball-style playground balls because we couldn’t dribble a basketball in those temps. Don’t worry…we wore coats and gloves.


I love this, Geoff! You’ve got a real basketball junkie there!:heart:

Please don’t be jealous of this, but when my son was 8 (37 years ago!) I was coaching in the public school system and, therefore, had a key to the gym. I was also teaching at the school, so I had a snow day, too. Heaven on earth for a little guy who loved basketball, and a dad who did, too. I know I don’t have to tell you this, but I’m old so please indulge my advice giving, ENJOY these times when your son is a little boy and he LOVES what you love! Those days go by too quickly, and they are the BEST!

Again, I love that he wants to know and analyze college basketball. Perhaps a budding Dylan Burkhardt? :wink:


Last night Baylor beat Oklahoma by 30 in Norman. Baylor jumped 15 spots in Kenpom and OU dropped 13.


I’m surprised that one game (even that lopsided) can change the rankings this much when we’re 20 games in.