College Basketball Open Discussion


I agree. We have only 1 away loss to a Ken Pom Top 25 team. We are not going to drop significantly. As per rankings above, I think we will be 4. M State will be 5 or 6.


AP Poll just came out:

  1. Tennesssee (48)
  2. Duke (11)
  3. Virginia (3)
  4. Gonzaga
  5. Michigan
  6. Michigan State (2)
  7. Nevada
  8. Kentucky
  9. Kansas
  10. Virginia Tech

We are ahead of Michigan State as we should be.


Well, we are ahead of MSU, but I’m not sure that we should be.
Does it really matter?


MSU received two votes for #1???


How did this Western Kentucky team beat Wisconsin at home?! They’re terrible which of course means I bet them.


Well they covered so looks like things turned out just fine for ya.


They did. This was my reverse jinx! Lost my ass on Kansas and now need the Warriors to cover 13 or the dice get hot later!


If the Lakers and Moe come back from 34 down to cover 13 it may be the worst gambling loss of my life!


Our resume is better imo. I’ll have to back and look but I’m pretty sure it is.

Also zags should not have jumped us. The duke win was impressive but they won a lot of close games and got handled by unc. No shame in losses to to unc nd Tennessee but two losses is more than one.

I don’t think Michigan is getting credit for the way in which they won their first 17 Games. Three double digit wins over top 25 opponents. Only two or three games were even single digits with the northwestern game on the road being the only game that was in doubt late.

I mean beating unc by 19 ( I think) and nova by forty is big time. Here’s to hoping they get back on track tonight.


I found this chart really interesting. Beilein small forwards have the highest usage rate in the country for the position


I am going mostly by my own eye test. Right now they are playing better than us at both ends of the court, IMHO.


The “eye test” here clearly shows Beilein approach mostly resembles a W vs. other coaches. Coincidence? :sunglasses:


This doesn’t pass the smell test. It seems like the difference between 3 & 4 is somewhat arbitrary given that they are mirror images of one another on offense. Who did they classify as a 3 and who is the 4 in any given lineup? The 3/4 numbers should basically be averaged.


The polls are fun, but really don’t matter until NCAA tournament time. The polls always seem to have biases: SEC for football, ACC for basketball, plus various coach biases. Duke lost at home to an unranked Syracuse team, we lost on road to an unranked B1G opponent. Duke has two losses, yet is ranked higher than UVA with one loss (by a point at Duke). Yeah, it’s fun. Don’t get me wrong, Duke may be the better team, but the polls always show bias.


South Carolina is playing well


I’m curious who they’re classifying at what positions. Are Stauskas and Caris considered 3s because that what they started out as when they were freshmen? Walton was essentially a wing once the offense starting slowing as a freshmen. The only players that played as 3s on offense most of their careers that got a good amount of usage under JB off the top of my head at are Manny Harris and Matthews. Irvin as well, but he wasn’t very efficient, though I haven’t really looked at the numbers.


Call me nuts but I kind of like the AAC this year, that league is better than people realize.

Going with UCF as my sleeper. Still love me some Aubrey. Add in Taylor and Taco Fall somehow developing into a nice player and they’re a good team.


Sure is weird seeing Wichita with a losing record. Looks like they have a really young team outside of McDuffie so perhaps this year is just a blip.


#1 Tennessee on the ropes at Vanderbilt (0-5 in the SEC, Kenpom’s 106th ranked team in the country).


Tennessee tied with Vandy with two seconds left