College Basketball Open Discussion


If a team that is one of two unbeatens left beats two top 10 teams in the same week, one of which on the road, I’d be hard pressed myself not to give them the #1 rank. If any team does that and the previous #1 team lost that week, then I’d say they earned it.


I misunderstood the comment. Thought it meant Virginia getting swept makes us a consensus 1 over Tennessee rather than Virginia sweeping them puts them at #1 because of the “what a week that would be” thing at the end.

Yes if Virginia wins both I’d 100% put them at 1 over us.

However I’ll keep my original notion that Virginia losing doesn’t make us an auto 1 over Tennessee.


I agree with that as well regarding Tennessee.


Virginia vs Virginia Tech not on TV tonight


You don’t have ACC Network?! Actually ACC Network is run by ESPN so if you go to you can stream the game there just by logging in with your TV provider. As a bonus they also own the Longhorn Network so you can simultaneously catch this week’s episode of “Game Plan” with Coach Shaka Smart!


Dominant win for UVA. If they win at Duke they will be No. 1 in my opinion.


hot take! :wink: It would be an insane week for the already undefeated Cavaliers! I really like UVA too. Then again, I did last year…


Obviously not that hot… but there are a lot of Michigan people out there ready to be ranked No. 1 with a win IMO. Not sure it will happen.


Can a team other than Duke, UVA, UM, Tenn, MSU, or Zaga win the tournament? If so, who? Top six or the field?


Of course someone can. Get to the final four and anything can happen. Last year at this time, or even at the start of the tournament, how many picked Michigan and Loyola.


I had Michigan over nova. Just missed a nice payout.


If unc or Kentucky ever wake up they could be interesting. Nevada is talented but has been just ok.

I really like Marquette although they play no defense. I totally forgot about Brendan bailey. Thought he’d be having a bigger freshman year once I realized he was there.


Nevada may go down at Boise State. Down 71-69 Boise State’s ball with 47 seconds left.


Said the same thing to some friends a few days ago verbatim.


I did. Not because I am a basketball genius but out of loyalty because I am a Loyola grad. It was an amazing tournament for me last year!


Crazy good game by all Virginia rotation players vs Virginia Tech. I don’t think I’ve ever seen O-Ratings this high across the board before.


I’d like to play Virginia in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge sometime while Yaklich, JB and Tony Bennett are all still around. Would just be curious to see the style matchup, especially with two teams as talented as this year’s versions


That’ll happen when you score 1.44 PPP :slight_smile:


I was dismissive of UVA earlier this season but my goodness have they become a monster.

But until they do it in the second weekend of the Tournament (i.e. advance to the Final Four) it’s hard to get too excited about what they’re doing right now.


Rob Dauster makes the comparison quite often on his pod, but they are basically pre-National Championship Villanova.