College Basketball Open Discussion


Cam Reddish out, Tre Jones got injured in first half. FWIW.


Duke is beatable tonight, and lose indeed


Duke falls to Syracuse at Cameron. Blue Devils were without Cam Reddish and Tre Jones got hurt, but a No. 1 ranking could be in play for Michigan if it wins in Madison on Saturday.

Also Syracuse lost to Georgia Tech by 14 at home on Saturday.


“If it wins in Madison” being the very key operative phrase. Atm Wisconsin not looking great, but I will never underestimate a game at Kohl Center.


Saturday’s game…could be playing for the top ranked team in the country.


If we lose, you guys can blame me for being in attendance.


What is cuses offense? Both teams very very sloppy. I get cam and jones were out but wow. It was like a pick up game


Battle and Howard hit a ton of tough shots but they made the Game so hard on themselves.


Both Duke and Syracuse attempted 80 field goals. A lot of sore arms tonight.


Could be an interesting discussion. I think Virginia would probably deserve #1 if they win both, but conventional AP wisdom makes it tough to see Virginia jumping both Tennessee and Michigan, right? But, the spread between Michigan (1497 pts) and Virginia (1473 pts) is pretty small (Duke is at 1558)


Virginia would definitely jump Michigan if it goes 2-0 IMO. I just don’t see that happening.


Tough not to give the nod to 18-0


Agreed…VA would look better


Torvik gives them a 31% chance of winning both (doesn’t take into account the loss to Cuse yet/possible Tre Jones injury). 85% of beating VT at home seems high and 37% of beating Duke away seems low.


I’m LOLing that Jim Boeheim has taken two of his most average teams and beaten K and Izzo’s “most talented teams”


Or maybe I’m LOLing at this


lol, or creamed them.


yea…a uva sweep this week makes a consensus #1. no doubt. what a week that would be…


edit: below.


Sprained shoulder is rough. Seems like he’s out for a while

“If you have a Grade I shoulder sprain, your discomfort should ease within one to two weeks, and you will be able to resume normal activities as soon as you can move your shoulder through its normal range of motion without pain. If you have a Grade II sprain, your discomfort should lessen within two weeks, but it may take as long as six to eight weeks before you can return to your usual athletic activities. People with Grade III shoulder sprains often return to work within four weeks. Athletes who participate in contact sports, however, have a high risk of injuring the area again, so they often need three to five months of rehabilitation before returning to their sport.”