College Basketball Open Discussion


And not only was it not even remotely close, but Nevada was favored by 14.5 in Vegas and 16 to KenPom. They were the #7 team to KP (#6 AP) before tonight but will be plummeting like a broken satellite. Will they still be ranked come Monday?


Yes they will


Udoka Azubuike out for the year with season-ending surgery for Kansas


WOW, that is absolutely huge.


Wow, huge blow for KU.


Enthralling slate of games today.


Damned football ruins it for the rest of us.


Coby White is a baller. Love watching him play.


Agree. One of the most entertaining players to watch in College Basketball this year.


I was thinking the same thing watching that game. Players who consistently make such tough shots are rare in today’s game.


Down goes Houston. 73-69 to Temple.


Several ranked teams losing on the road tonight. In addition to Houston losing at Temple, Auburn is shellacked in Oxford by Ole Miss and OSU goes down to Rutgers (covered in the B10 Discussion Thread).


Tough way to lose for Houston but not as tough as their last loss


Wow. In the age old argument about whether to foul when up by 3 points and less than 5 seconds left, score one for the coaches who don’t foul. Oregon was up by 3 with 3 seconds left. They fouled UCLA after the in bound. UCLA made the first free throw, missed the second on purpose, grabbed the rebound, made the basket and got fouled! Lucky for Oregon, he missed the FT that would have won the game. The game is now in OT.

The argument for not fouling is your worst case scenario is OT. The odds are in your favor if you foul, but worst case scenario under that strategy is losing the game.


Incredible collapse! I couldn’t believe it!


Annnnnd Oregon lost.


Dana Altman lost? Aww poor guy.


Not sure where to put this, do we have a general “Michigan 2018-2019” discussion thread?



How do we do it? It seems so counterintuitive that a team that has such disruptive hands would be able to simultaneously be able to avoid sending the other team to the foul line. It is really incredible!

As a team we seem to strip the ball from opponents at a very very high rate and yet we send people to the foul line at an all time low rate. It just seems so crazy.

Over the last few seasons I have many times seen our guys strip the ball and go for strips and wondered: “how are they getting away with it without getting called for a foul”?


We do need a thread dedicated to the M team of that year. “ Michigan 18-19.”