College Basketball Open Discussion


Anothe one I enjoyed from a poster

“Excellent coach, but there could be questions about whether he is a good fit for UCLA. No skeletons in the closet or anything like that, but he seems like an “underdog” coach who gets the most out of non-NBA players, rather than being someone like Pitino, Coach K and Calipari who are capable of molding 5-stars into a team.”

I believe since 2013 um is 4th when it comes to producing nba draft picks.


This is so stupid that it reads like a spoof. Who knew that plan B = Beilein?


The reason Beilein’s zone defense is so “confounding” is that it looks every bit like a man-to-man. I’ve apparently been fooled for years.


Who are some realistic candidates for UCLA?


Hoiberg is realistic. If they want to create a buzz, hiring Lavar would do it. He’d be an interesting recruiter.


There are so many factors to it. Are they willing to pay? Because they haven’t in the past. Will they do charters like everyone else in the country? What are they looking for?

The perception is that it’s a great job but it’s not. Expectations are so high with limited resources (compared to others).


Pulled out the win tonight, but Villanova is not very good, in my opinion. They really, really struggle to generate offense inside the arc and their ball screen defense was leaky tonight. Had to roll out a zone against Depaul.


If you’re throwing out those names what about Izzo? Is Bobby Knight busy? Yeesh

What if they got crazy and found a Bruin…imagine Kareem or an O’Bannon on the sideline!


I would love to see Bill Walton get the job


Just to get him off the broadcast?


Dan Dakich’s list for UCLA is even better: Calipari, Kerr, Pitino, Izzo, Donovan


For the love of all things holy, this!!!


No, I would love to see him coach. He’d be bigger than Harbaugh


Bol Bol has had enough of college hoops, it appears.


Count me as not impressed. I wouldn’t use a lottery pick on him


Looks raw.


Huh? Dude is gold.


Down goes Nevada!


Nevada leaves the ranks of the unbeaten losing 85-58 to 8-6 New Mexico.


And it wasn’t even close, 85-58 to New Mexico.