College Basketball Open Discussion


Wasn’t he only highly rated when he was younger? Like freshman-sophomore time? Seems like he was an early bloomer and everyone has caught up


Still ended up top 50. I’d say 115-130 would’ve been more accurate. He had no skill whatsoever, even in high school.


I love watching Koby White.

Brandon Clark on Gonzaga is what I hope Brandon Johns can become


I got you guys for a hundred giving the pts. Feeling good going in to it and even better now. Hopefully they stay playing with purpose. They’re due for a big game but this zags team is legit so I’m gonna be nervous most the game.

Also it makes me wonder if Michigan would beat UNC in a series for instance. Unc is a top ten team imo. Definitely not the way Michigan has played the last three games, hopefully they turn it back on.


This. Again.


Maybe Mark Few should have waited before talking smack regarding North Carolina and doing things the right way.


UNC not looking like the same team that we played. Glad we got them in November.


Kinda and not really. They’ve put up points on everyone but Michigan. They got absolutely shutdown too, not really an off night.

That above, plus road games are really tough in college basketball.


Different animal when playing them at home. As we well know.


Or against a legit defense. Gonzaga gave up over 90 at Creighton so this looks like a pattern for them.


There are a million reasons why the result from last year has almost nothing to do with this year. Two obvious ones: UNC had Joel Berry, and we started Eli Brooks at the point.

I’d take us by 4-5 in Chapel Hill.


I’d say Coby White is a decent chunk better than Joel Berry. Berry was a scoring 2 guard stuck in a 5’11" body who provided little distribution. If UNC has fixed the awful pick and roll defense I’d expect them to win by a couple points in CH.


There was a reason NC was favored by 4 yesterday over Gonzaga. Home Court.


Really? Hmmm. We can agree to disagree. I thought Joel Berry was really good.


I understand. I think we’re better than Gonzaga.


If Michigan played in Chapel Hill tomorrow, it would be probably a 4? 5? point underdog.


I’m not talking about what the line would be, I’m saying I think we could beat them by that margin in Chapel Hill. I think the line would be 1 or 2, though, unless we’re assuming they did not play earlier this year.


The game that was played probably wouldn’t have nearly as big of an impact as where the next game would be played.


The little bit that I saw of the UNC/Gonzaga game I was struck by how FAST UNC played. They certainly tried against M, but couldn’t play that pace consistently. I don’t think that would change in any hypothetical future match ups.


Was pleased with the result, and obviously they have some talent, but too fast. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a team commit that many home run turnovers.