College Basketball Open Discussion


Buffalo beats Syracuse by twelve at the Carrier Dome. Marquette up next for them. If they win that, how many could they drop in MAC play – including the tournament – for them to be an at-large? I would say two, maybe three, but I think they still need San Francisco to look good, and Southern Illinois wouldn’t hurt, since WVU and Syracuse both look meh.


Great win for UB, first victory in 55 years over CUSE. I caught one of UB’s games over Thanksgiving, they can play.

Ugh, I can hardly watch Syracuse with Battle at the point…if only!!! He must be kicking himself, he might have played in the finals last year and who knows? Missed opportunity IMO! NEXT!


At the time, I was pretty miffed at Battle’s decommit, but I’m really happy today because everything turned out exactly as it did. I do occasionally wonder how Battle’s style of play would have jelled in U-M’s system and how he would have meshed with (what would have been) his current teammates. Would those teams have been better? This year’s? Dunno. All I know it that I wouldn’t trade anything for the past 2+ seasons I’ve enjoyed in that time.


You nailed it…what a great ride for this group of kids.


Game is in ~10 min so may not be the best time to wager, but I like TTU+10 @ Duke.

Edit: Neutral court, not at Cameron.


Call me crazy but as I keep watching Duke this year I think Michigan is all wrong for them. We’d be screwed if Teske got in early foul trouble but I think our defense would make them play so much one on one basketball and their laziness on defense would allow us to have very good offensive performance.


The matchups would be fascinating.

Poole on Reddish? Matthews on RJ? Iggy on Zion?

Sign me up. But only in the national title game of course


I don’t think there’s a team that is a bad matchup for them. They’re the most talented team in the country. However, the key is to get them playing as individuals and not as a team. I think Matthews could get Barrett to force up lots of bad shots and Simpson would frustrate Jones.

I think we’d still be in for a tough game even if we did the above, but they’re not unbeatable, as we’ve seen already this season.


Entertaining game. I think TTU was hurt badly by playing Mooney so much. He had some brutal turnovers. I’m guessing Beard likes his decision making overall, but TTU could have had a larger advantage without him coughing up possessions. Duke’s a lot to handle but they seemed like more than Mooney could hang with.


Ouch, you are catching a bad beat


You have gotta be kidding me. Covered 39.5 min, leading for all but 4-5 mins. TT scored 5 pts the last 8 min.


The only way I bet Duke this year is either to cover or to lose outright. Such a weird team. The cover has been paying off. I got lucky with Gonzaga. Looking forward to @ Florida State. This is not the team everyone thinks they are.


I thought about you when I saw that final score. Ouch! And you had to be going crazy in those last few minutes!


Excellent first half Marquette up 39-38 on Buffalo. Marquette came from behind with a stretch of 5 straight 3’s


Furman down eleven at LSU with three minutes left. Seem to be set to drop from the ranks of the unbeaten.


Marquette blowing out undefeated Buffalo with two minutes to go. Another one bites the dust.


Providence just beat Texas at Texas. Huge for Michigan’s resume.


I have to imagine Shaka smart is on very thin ice these days, especially with a star up coming coach in his own state that is an alum in Chris beard.


Is Shaka on year 3? Seems a little soon, but if they think they can get Beard they may have to do it


Year 4, if he doesn’t make the tourney this year, I’d certainly let him go.