College Basketball Open Discussion


That was a phenomenal last 5 minutes of regulation and then overtime. Those kids really got after it, nobody wanted to lose that game and there were a lot of “winning plays” made. I never judge a Kentucky team by how they look in November or December… They are still Extremely talented, and that can lead to a lot more than any current rankings suggest.


Kansas fighting from behind against New Mexico State.


Tennessee with a quick start against Gonzaga, up 19-11 at the under 16. They look absurdly physical. They also have a rather impressive combo of the 27th block rate and 75th defensive rebound rate.


Tennessee beats Gonzaga. Massive win for Rick Barnes and Co. thought Zags were going to pull away eventually, but Tennessee wouldn’t go away



Barttorvik has Michigan at #2. Kenpom has them at #4. Also #1 on NET.


A bit misleading, since 9 of those wins are inter-conference and other leagues haven’t yet started conference play. Still, even at 18, it’s a very impressive number for the Big Ten.


Yeah, knew that was a variable when posted. B1G still a lot stronger than perceived going into season.



We didn’t jump Gonzaga in the AP rankings and remain at #5. What a joke.


From ESPN’s article on the new AP rankings

“One of the AP’s 65 voters, Graham Couch of the Lansing (Mich.) State Journal, opted to submit his ballot without any of Kansas, Duke, Tennessee, Auburn, Texas Tech, Kentucky, Villanova or Texas because none has played a true road game thus far in the season.”

This makes me laugh. Gotta love the LSJ. Wonder if they would have taken this stance if MSU had not already gone on the road and lost to Louiville.


Graham Couch is a joke. He always releases wild, out of the box rankings and then writes articles explaining himself. He is doing it solely for attention/click-bait. Not that rankings matter, but he should have his ballot privileges revoked.


Tough one for Providence here.


Definitely tough, and will likely hurt their metrics (and thus ours) too if they don’t win some games, no?


PENN giving NOVA a good run, up by 8 with 8 to go…


Villanova is seriously talent deficient this year. I wish it weren’t so, but it is.


I wish we got knocked down a few spots, tbh. Not loving having that huge number around our neck so early. I think we just need some practices and rest and we’ll be sharp and ready for everyone’s best, but we will be getting just that.


Wonderful analysis on Quinerly/Nova. It really makes you appreciate Iggy being able to step in as a plus defender from the start.


Gonzaga vs UNC on ESPN coming up. Hopefully UNC can do well this year to keep that a top tier win.

Dick Vitale is about the last guy I’d expect to be throwing out Kenpom stats, but here we are…


7th Woods showing why you shouldn’t rank recruits based off of YouTube highlights.

edit: I swear every time I diss someone good things come from them.