College Basketball Open Discussion


He likes some of the talent, but feels the coaching could be better.

So…the same take everyone on the planet has. :smiley:


Aubrey Dawkins off to a nice start this year, averaging 16 pts and 5 rbds through 8 games. Good to see him come back from injury last year.


I was gonna say something but I figured my constant beating of the drum for Aubrey was getting old. Still love the kids game and hopefully he’s at least improved his d. I’m rooting for him.


No Michigan here.


Looking at that…Feels like a very weak draft.


Same. Consider me extremely underwhelmed.


I see 4 real nice players then a bunch of decent pros, nothing like the last two.


South Carolina on the road tonight in Wyoming. Up four with 2:30 left in the first. Lots of two-big looks, not great outside shooters, missing key wing player in Justin Minaya.


South Carolina shoots 34% from the field and 15% from three, losing by 9 at #204 Wyoming.


Wow. They are real bad this year. Hopefully we can take care of business and get some more playing time for a couple young guys


Wonder how many times the camera showed Frank Martin rage out on one of his players. Think I’d set the O/U at something like 9.5 on that one.

South Carolina still has a decent defense but my goodness their offense is total garbage. They’re one of the fastest teams in the country which makes sense when you can’t shoot for crap and have no ability to run half-court offense.

An interesting note on their defense: they’re allowing only 39.4% on twos (5th in D1) but a staggering 38% on threes (303rd).


8 minutes in and Arizona State leads Nevada 18-5. 8 turnovers already for Nevada. They seem like they’re sleepwalking and are getting severely outworked. ASU is very impressive so far.


Bad home loss for Providence last night. Up 18 at half to UMass only to lose in the final seconds. Bummed. Still hopeful they can do pretty well in the Big East. Would at least like that to be a decent win coming from Uncasville.


Kentucky and Seton Hall going down to the wire. Tied at 67 with less than a minute to go.


Miracle shot by Seton Hall!


Miracle shot to tie it for Kentucky!


Kentucky is not a top 10 team


Fun game and fun when Kentucky loses


Fringe top 25 feels more right to me


Crazy that they were ranked #2 to start the season.