College Basketball Open Discussion


Same as Michigan’s tournament was over the weekend. It is all about the best TV slots.


Is 5:00 Eastern really the best time slot though?


Better than 2:30, 9:30 or 11:30 pm? Yeah, I think so. The time zone difference also makes Maui tricky.


Eh. I know it’s the day before the holiday and some people don’t work, but a lot of people still do, which makes it difficult for any of those people to watch a 5:00 game (or 2:00 game on the west coast). And even if people don’t, 5:00 is in that dinner time zone too where people won’t watch or people will be driving to their parties/the bar. 9:30 is better. Oh well. I’ll be in sly’s position too where I won’t be able to watch anything besides the end of the game, if that.


The other factor is that it is an NBA Wednesday on ESPN, so 5pm is the only slot on ESPN not ESPN2 or ESPNU.


That makes more sense.


If your in Maui you want to finish early and enjoy the ocean. Players are hanging out at outdoor mall on the ocean. Who wants to be tied up in that little gym all day?!?!


Got it. Who does everyone like? With Tillie I think zags could do it. Without? Maybe.


Give me Duke -7.


I’ll take Gonzaga.
I really think M would have the best shot against Duke. Tough man to man and minimizing transition buckets is a solid formula against Duke’s incredibly talented but young team.


The start to the Duke-Gonzaga game has been as advertised.


This game has been great


Gonzaga looks legit.


Are the rims in Maui always so loose? They go down like 25 degrees from a ball hitting them.


It has felt like an epic game from the start.


I’d argue Few is the best all around coach in the NCAA currently, or at least in the last 5 or so years. It’s easy to forget that they haven’t missed the tourney since '98. They made it once [edit: twice] before he got there. I hope he gets a championship before he’s done. He should’ve in '17 before the refs stole it.


Met him once in person at the 2003 F4. Super nice guy and always been impressed with him as a coach. If not for JB, he would be top of my list to get one before the end of his career


Duke cannot get a stop


-7 would have been bold.


Duke only fouls half as much as their opponents. Great whistle. Auburn and Gonzaga must be jealous.