College Basketball Open Discussion


Chris Clemons is going to score 3,000 points in his career and shoots over 80% at the free throw line yet shoots all of his free throws from the right elbow. Truly bizarre.

Campbell games are appointment viewing for die hard college hoops fans if you get the chance this year.


Thanks for the tip. Saturday 11/24 v Georgetown in DC on Fox.


Am I crazy or was that venue incredibly dark inside? It looked way too dark to not have an impact from my TV, but my TV’s also been kinda screwy recently…


It looked terrible. Production quality looked one step up from UMHoops in Spain :joy:


Oregon and Syracuse providing a very typical “teams full of raw athletes playing crappy November basketball” game for those interested! Cuse’s zone not exactly helping the non-fast break possessions.


Furman at Villanova today at 5 PM on FS2. Notable not just because it’s Nova’s first game after Michigan beat them, but Furman’s Jordan Lyons tied the NCAA record for three-pointers made in their last game with North Greenville (15-for-34).


Furman also beat Loyola (Chicago) at Loyola 8 days ago. That’s a pretty good team, and will give us a bit better read on 'Nova.


South Carolina up eight at half on Providence. Neither team looked particularly good, both played a lot of zone.



Providence flips the deficit and beats SC by nine. Same situation as Holy Cross, that press/trap with their personnel is very dangerous.


Villanova won’t be ranked next week. Another loss at home, this time to Furman.

The mighty Paladins with the W.


Not hoop related but on a scale of 1 to molten lava how angry is everyone at that #72 for likely ending Winovich’s career? I’m at the exact opposite of absolute zero degrees.


I think you are jumping to conclusions, or do you have some kind of definitive info?


Me being negative and fearing the worst because Chase might be my favorite player lol.


Really a cheap shot. Then he does it again about three plays later.


Sounds like initial tests on Winovich are better than what was feared. Everything is coming back negative.


It was the very next play.


Harbs is getting my hopes up. Fuck 72. Should have been ejected after that roughness penalty.


Any sleepers out there? I’m liking vandy to surprise. Shittu is a lottery pick imo


Can someone explain to me why the championship game in the Maui is first? I’ve never seen a tournament do that.

I was very excited to watch the duke -zags game just to see it starts at 5 eastern. I work til 6 , I’m pretty bitter.