College Basketball Open Discussion


Two point lead for Gonzaga at the under 4. I suggest y’all get to ESPN during the commercial.


Gonzaga is out of gas. Duke is getting everything they want and crushing them on the glass.


They’re looking lost on offense too.


They pick up their dribble so much. It drives me nuts.


Wow, Zags throwing the game away at the line. Three straight missed free throws up 2.


Make it 4. Pretty awful no call on the other end IMO. Debatable I guess.

edit: Straight up, good call. That’s why they get paid to do it while I sit on my couch.


Those three unsuccessful RJ Barrett isolations in the last minute better end all “James Harden” talk for now


Crean gets creamed. Georgia State 91, UGA 67.


I actually started to like Crean during his year out of coaching. I thought he was great on ESPN and on podcasts.


Same, CoryR. Seemed pleasant and quite adept as a commentator. I found him antagonistic and irritating, like Izzo, when he was patrolling courtside. Of course so many coaches are like that. The intensity of the battle brings it out of them and I’m sure I’d be very similar. :rage:


Georgia State over UGA isn’t really an upset, they’re the better team


Michigan better prioritize stopping Coby White when they play North Carolina. Kid looks fantastic against Texas. 20 in first half. He has the ability to light up the scoreboard like a certain 6th man on Villanova last season. Highly impressed.


Texas answers with 8 3-pointers and leads UNC 51-47.


UNC loses! That’s what happens when you have zero true PG’s on the roster. Fix it Roy!


Texas scores 92 while taking out North Carolina. Heels couldn’t stay in front of anybody.

Shaka Smart offense with 92?


Unsurprising against a Roy Williams defense. For someone with three championships in 15 years it’s incredibly frustrating to be a fan of his teams.


U of M is going to be favored against UNC.

I wanted to see MSU against UNC but that’s probably not going to happen unless UCLA upsets them. Oh well.


I’ve gone from worried about this game to annoyed if we lose it. This is the same old UNC. Roy refuses to get with the times. Nassir Little coming off the bench is a joke.


I’ll be extremely surprised if we don’t beat NC at home. They play non existent D.


Texas played harder, scrappier basketball. Good game. Two really good teams