College Basketball Open Discussion


But, they might not be on the floor that much together.


Do you think Davis is a worse match up than Johns for Ward?


Can Johns crack the rotation and play major minutes? If Johns can become the player that everyone thinks he can, he could create some of the disadvantages that have given Ward problems in the past. Right now, it doesn’t look like he’s ready to do that yet. That’s why I mentioned Davis, because right now he’s probably the backup five.


This is a great discussion and I don’t get the MSU hype either as I think there are a lot of flaws that they have to overcome. But Michigan doesn’t face them until the end of the year and they will be a much different team by then. Michigan will be as well.


Somewhat agree, except Stu was a relatively quick player with the ball in his hands, or at least he wasn’t painfully slow like McQuaid is. I think McQuaid will struggle with ball pressure playing the point.


Austin at least would have the strength to push him out of his preferred spots you’d think. At least more so than Johns as of right now.


George Washington, Michigan’s first round match-up in the HoF tip, was up 22-0 against Stony Brook and lost by three in OT.

They are currently down seven at the half to Siena.

EDIT: Siena wins by nine. GW tied it up at 55 but it ends 69-61. GW played 2-3 zone and gave up a ton of threes (though I think Siena shoots a fair few threes). Lots of open looks in the corner and on the wing. They have some weapons, but Michigan really, really should be playing for a Hall of Fame Tip-Off Championship next weekend.


Damn that sucks. I was hoping GW would be decent this year so that would be at least a mediocre neutral court win.


Stony Brook has just beaten South Carolina, 83-81. Stony Brook is currently 2-0 having beaten two teams Michigan will play, potentially thrice this season.

EDIT: Also Providence lost to Wichita State.



UNC has just hung 52 on Stanford and doubled their score at the half. Stanford is real young and, in all honesty, doesn’t look that great. Plenty of defensive mistakes, UNC absolutely carving them up.

EDIT: UNC wins by 18. Never in doubt. Cam Johnson would look REAL nice on this Michigan team. He’s an elite shooter.


Holy Cross up on Providence 16 minutes in


Providence pulls away, wins by nine. Holy Cross was up until Providence switched to a trapping zone. Lots of length, forced plenty of turnovers and missed close range shots. Another rough night for Holy Cross’s Austin Butler who went 1-14 from the field.


Granted I’ve ONLY watched four minutes of this Illinois/Georgetown game, but from the stretch I’ve seen, this looks like a game I’d watch at LA Fitness.

Just up and down, up and down, clanks, airballs, etc. Ugly stretch of basketball.

EDIT: It has picked up well rest of the first half.


Don’t insult the players at your local LA Fitness like that.


HA. To be fair, that game ended up being like when a few ex-players and athletes show up for a run. It became an entertaining game to watch. Good game.


Tacko Fall, Aubrey Dawkins, and UCF on ESPN2 right now.

The color commentator is getting super pumped up about post ups. “Back to the basket still works!” Yes, it certainly does when you have a foot height advantage lol


Yeah the same announcer called the Wake Forest game praising a post up as something that NBA scouts like. Which just shows complete ignorance on his part


Aubrey Dawkins is 3-of-20 from 3-point range with 1 assist in the first three games of the year. Pays to play for pops.


Yeah, that transfer was definitely the best case scenario for both parties. He probably would’ve gotten 10 mpg in 2017 and even fewer last year.