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Calipari does a great job getting buy-in and fielding a team defense. Sometimes it takes much of the season to get there, but they are often a tough out in the tourney in those years where they haven’t been ranked elite.


I don’t know where else to put this, but VCU’s defense saw a massive turn-around this season. Despite the 177th best offense, they finished seventh in defense and 42nd in KP overall. Last year their defense was 156th. That’s a HUGE turnaround, and Jamal Brunt is a key person for it. He’s been described as their ‘defensive coordinator’ in a couple articles I read, and this has been his first season at VCU so it would make sense that he’s a driving force. If Yaklich leaves for Texas (presuming Shaka doesn’t come/doesn’t retain him) that would be an interesting assistant hire for the defense. Just some conversation about a team other than Michigan.


Guess he saw the writing on the wall with only a year left on his contract at Northern Arizona.

Workout video hype season. Xavier’s shooting motion does look a lot more natural here. Hopefully he can get the consistency down.

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Clearly years of playing for John Beilein have been holding back has development as a shooter


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Dre Haynes to Maryland.


Good for him! I don’t feel bad for him anymore :wink:


Yeah. He’s got some good guards to work with there certainly.

Good for him. It’s great when good things happen with great people. I wish him all the success in the world EXCEPT for when they play Michigan! Then, I hope his kids play well, but we play better!

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If you enjoy futures action… Florida looks awfully nice at 50/1.

Because it is June and we have nothing else to discuss… Any futures you guys like with value?

I like Louisville and Florida the best. I imagine that Florida value will change soon so jump on it fast!

Michigan +1800. Easy money

You using nitrogensports my guy?

Florida, Louisville, Baylor and…can’t believe im saying this, but…Maryland

I’d add Gonzaga as well as Louisville and Florida. Florida is now #1 on Torvik

How do I read those numbers? Am a novice with betting.

The number that matters is the number that’s enclosed by parentheses: the money line. For example, Michigan is +1800. For every $100 you bet on Michigan to win the championship, you profit $1,800. In other words, Michigan is 18-to-1 to win the national championship per these futures.

The variation to the money line is applied when a team is deemed to have better-than-even odds (i.e., the odds-on favorite). For example, if Team X were -130, what that means is for every $130 bet, you’d profit $100 if Team X wins.