College Basketball Open Discussion

Rick Barnes is not a terrible hire, but not a great one either. But if I’m him, I’d be staying at Tennessee. Make the tournament every year and your job is set there. They’re not a big basketball school that expects to hang banners year in and year out. But UCLA is a destination job and you can’t underrate how competitive coaches are, so while many of us would be fine with coasting at Tennessee, many coaches want to win titles. Easier at UCLA than Tennessee IMO.

Worst thing Barnes has going for himself is he’s not John Wooden. If he can overcome that he should be fine, otherwise I’d advise remaining in Rockytop


No one except John Wooden can overcome not being John Wooden; though it is impossible for even John Wooden to overcome not being John Wooden.

I think I just strained something.

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Actually, I think John Beilein could–closest match I can think of. Yeah, I’m a serious homer. And I guess now that we know that John Wooden was no John Beilein, at least when it came to ethics. . . my post is getting a little strained, too.

lol jk

How the mighty are fallen. Hope they don’t make a play for our guy. I could see John going out there and giving them five years, rebuilding the dynasty.

Okay, hush my mouth.

UCLA is not what it was but they are starting to invest a little more into coaching salaries (see Chip Kelly). There is so much pressure there to win and it’s not close to being realistic anymore.

John Wooden was a great coach but he also had Sam Gilbert on his side. Lew Alcindor isn’t going from NYC to LA at that point of time unless something shady is happening

UCLA gets their 34th choice in Mick Cronin. Cincinnati is looking for a coach if any of you need gainful employment.


Wow. UCLA should have just went for the home run and hired a up and comer or an NBA guy. He will have them solid, but he’s not taking them to Final Fours or anything like that IMO.

He better hope that the UCLA name does the recruiting for him.

I think the Cronin hire was a good one. Most recent UCLA teams have lacked for intensity and effort when I watched them. Two characteristics you rarely saw when watching Cincinnati.

This may be a very bad thing for um’s hopes of having yaklich back next year

On the other hand, does he really want to go to a 1-bid league and get bounced in the conference tournament after winning the regular season?

Cassius Winston isn’t going to at least test the waters. Unbelievable ! Why wouldn’t he at least go the NBA combine(assuming he is asked) ?


Well I prefer to see the back of him, but this is a chance to have the last word.

After the season he’s had, it’s absolutely astonishing that Cassius wouldn’t seek input from the NBA. Tom Izzo, a/k/a the Puppetmaster!


yea very bad thing haha

The thing with Winston that you have to understand, is that it’s a business decision. Tom Izzo is certainly willing to listen to what Winston and his family have to say, but at the end of the day this is ultimately a business decision and one that Tom Izzo has to make for himself. This is about Tom Izzo getting into Final Fours and continuing to further his status within the coaching profession. It’s not about young guys chasing their own selfish dreams. So welcome back, Cassius.


Did I miss something? I can’t find anything about Winston confirmed coming back.

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