College basketball rule changes for 2019-20

3pt distance officially moving back to International line. Probably doesn’t bode well for those hoping for an uptick in Teske’s 3pt%

Will look up the data but were Teske’s threes particularly short? Why just him?

Wasn’t there a stat from Beilein last year saying that Poole was shooting well from just behind the 3 point line but when he extended himself further is when his percentage really started drop?

Just used him specifically as an example. Seemed like he usually shot close to the line. And if it is at all like the last time they moved the line back, the NCAA-wide percentages will drop a bit. I would guess average to below average shooters would be most affected by the change.

I would think Teske’s slingshot, line drive type of shot would be affected more from a greater distance. He doesn’t shoot with a ton of arc and often didn’t have his legs under him.


Actually, I distinctly remember feeling like whenever Teske missed, it was usually short. No empirical data to back that up, but I definitely remember thinking that.


Overall I like the rule changes though. Should make for a more wide open game. Unfortunately it’s probably just in time to be a huge advantage for Winston having additional room to operate in the pick and roll


I don’t understand this reasoning

You get 10 seconds to advance the ball. If you get an offensive rebound you should only need 20 seconds to run offense.


Yeah in general I’m all for changes that will add possessions to the game.

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The real reason JB left is revealed! /sarcasm

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Agreed. Seemed to me he wasn’t set often when it was later in the game and it regularly fell short.

Would like to see college basketball get rid of the Possession Arrow and go to a Jump Ball.


If a PG and a C end up in a tie up, why should possession automatically go to the C?


I saw a really good argument against the jump ball awhile ago and I can’t for the life of me remember what or where it was :man_facepalming:

Exactly. The NBA rule is completely inequitable, but it is more entertaining, which is of course the purpose of the whole NBA game.

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Yeah I’m not a fan of a player being awarded the ball just because they are taller. What good does that do?

If Simpson hustles and gets on the floor and ties up Xavier Tillman, why should MSU automatically get the ball?