College Basketball Open Discussion

My brother went there so he’s bummed tonight. It’s a b-ball forum. Talk away imo. Maybe the NCAA thread though. I’d like to hear who everybody likes this year.

I’m sticking with vandy as my non big ten sleeper. I’m convinced shittu will play himself into a top ten pick.


Not a deep sleeper, per say, but I like Virginia Tech this year. Justin Robinson is a great point guard, I think he has some great team help too.

In terms of other teams, I think Stanford is one that will get better as the season goes on. I’m not sold on them being like Sweet 16 material or anything yet, but I think they’re more talented than their blowout losses.


Didn’t see the others but that win over FSU for Villanova was a rock fight - not the sort of basketball you expect from Jay Wright. I understand FSU has a knack for producing such games but it sure looks like Villanova still lacks a quality offensive option.

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Collin Gillespie is playing very well in games against everyone other than Michigan. Here are his offensive efficiency numbers for his first 7 games–115.2, 195.1, 123.7, 157.5, 109.0, 143.4…and 59.4 against Z.


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South Carolina goes down at home by 20 to Wofford to move to 3-3 on the season.


Think that’s all accurate and fair outside of Wisconsin.


What about Minnesota? That’s cold, Mr. Pitino.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Gonzaga down to Creighton at the half. Dominant performance from Michigan today and I could see us jumping up to #3 in the country

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He likes some of the talent, but feels the coaching could be better.

So…the same take everyone on the planet has. :smiley:

Aubrey Dawkins off to a nice start this year, averaging 16 pts and 5 rbds through 8 games. Good to see him come back from injury last year.

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I was gonna say something but I figured my constant beating of the drum for Aubrey was getting old. Still love the kids game and hopefully he’s at least improved his d. I’m rooting for him.

No Michigan here.

Looking at that…Feels like a very weak draft.

Same. Consider me extremely underwhelmed.

I see 4 real nice players then a bunch of decent pros, nothing like the last two.

South Carolina on the road tonight in Wyoming. Up four with 2:30 left in the first. Lots of two-big looks, not great outside shooters, missing key wing player in Justin Minaya.