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I found the Oklahoma state game


Awesome! Thanks for digging this up.

Can anybody find Middle Tennessee State over MSU full game?

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It also looked for a time that Beilein was going to be everyone’s top target, but with so few openings, it’s highly unlikely he takes a job this spring. One source who has recently spent time with Beilein says, “I just didn’t get the sense he’s dying to get back into college coaching. He’s very disillusioned with recruiting.”

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The “risk” of his continuing to be sleazy. Have some self-respect Iona.

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How did you find this? Amazing! I just rewatched the run from the big ten tournament through the end of their tournament run. Remembered Walton/Wagner/Wilson’s moments, but somehow forgot how clutch Irvin was.


DJ was so clutch from the FT line in the OK State and Louisville games. The UL game was particularly nervewracking because Michigan was still only in the single bonus on both of his last two trips to the line. A missed front-end could’ve ended in a Cardinal drilling a three.

EDIT: Scratch that, Michigan was in the double bonus for his last trip to the line. Either way, he sunk 'em all.


I still would have loved to see another full season of DJ. Once the light switched for him that was good times.


I feel the same way, and also about Poole. As someone who doesn’t watch much NBA, I’d have enjoyed watching those two develop into better basketball players during another year at Michigan.


It’s funny you say that, I watched the B1G tournament from 2017…DWALT hit 19 straight in 4 days…great point guard.


Get your early action on Michigan


Crazy that Dayton is still there. Toppin graduates no? If not he surely will enter the draft… provided we have one

Thank goodness the Detroit casinos opened their sports books last week… :man_facepalming:t2:

Toppin has eligibility, but will undoubtedly leave for the lottery. Poor Dayton got screwed.

I watched this game over the weekend after it popped up in my YouTube recommendations. It is a replay of a Fab 5 era regular season game between Michigan and Indiana. The game was probably more engaging because I could not remember who won the game. But it is high level basketball and entertaining. I was fortunate to have attended this game and found myself remembering a lot of the game moments (from a different angle) during the broadcast. It is also interesting to compare this game with how the game is played today (e.g. shorter shot clock and more pick and roll in today’s game).

Once Social Distancing is over, Iona’s dorm parties 'bout to get LIT!


I was pretty excited about Josh Moore. Shaq was helping him out, supposedly.

I took a date to that game. It was the last time we went out. :rofl:

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I did not recall that Ray Jackson didn’t play that night.