College Basketball Open Discussion



Don’t think this was on the list just yet.


If anyone knows where the Oklahoma State game is, I’d love to watch it

Not quite March, but you can just skip ahead to 1:09:35

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Gotta jump through a couple of hoops, but I’m not sure there’s another way to watch it.


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This is all I could find as well.

Remember driving back up to Mt. Pleasant from GR and having it on the radio and having my mind blown at how automatic the offense was.

Just crazy watching the calm confidence of Stauskas at the line late game, and seeing all of the future key players watching from the bench. We have been blessed as Wolverine fans in the past decade. I probably could get by this weekend watching B1G tourney wins and runs to NCAA FF and still feel good about it. Anyone besides me up for a NetFlix channel for Michigan Hoops with the past 30 seasons on it?


That’s hilarious :rofl:

Genius hire by Iona, I am shocked how long it took for pitino to get a job. The reward for a mid major or super down program waaaaaaaaaay outweighs the risk.

Iona won the auto bid in the MAAC from 2016-2019. It’s not like they haven’t had success lately. Obviously Pitino changes the ceiling, but how long would he really stay at a job like that?

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Pitino is already loaded, he is still too controversial to get a really good high major job, New York is home for him and he’s supposedly close friends with several top Iona boosters. I can see him retiring there and I would also bet on him making a sweet 16(likely multiple) if he stays at least 5 years.

If he can make multiple sweet 16s at a MAAC school in 5 years that would be something.


Safe landing spot. He’s good enough to coach them to perform above their talent level, but it’s a low-enough-profile spot to avoid the pressure to juice up recruiting with questionable characters.

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It sounds crazy but you can win big virtually anywhere in college basketball these days, especially when your as great of a coach as pitino in such a hot bed for talent.

I think they’ll do very well. If I recall he always did well out of nyc anyways recruiting wise.