College basketball corruption charges


Only mentioned others if actual people got busted for taking it and whether that would change their decision to accept the money. Now if others were offered and can afford to pay it, well more power to them.


Wow, another interesting twitter feed.


Yeah, the names you should be googling are, from what I’ve gathered… Nassir Little and Balsa Koprivica


Yeah my last reply found you are correct.



Wondering he already got paid?




Wait, what did Nassir Little do? I know he was a UNC lean, is there anything in there that would suggest UNC is involved in this?

edit: Just saw that it looks like Arizona paid him and coaches were backing off?


Spike Albrecht’s family got coupons for discounts on car washes.


From what I understand, he WAS very much a Arizona lean.




Last update I remember from him was like a month+ ago and the insider thought UNC at the time. Him getting paid by Arizona makes a LOT of sense if he was clearly Arizona bound recently.


I wondered how we ever stole him from Appalachian State.



This is when it starts to get real.


Brings to mind Matta’s comment that Miller taught him how to recruit while he was his assistant.


Remember when Bowen had his list of 10-12 “final schools” and M wasn’t on it?


Cant help but to think about Battle and Booker. And maybe Jalyen Brown and Bamba?


It’s not entirely true that the NCAA has no power. Sure they don’t have the power to subpoena or compel testimony but they have the power to investigate the information that is public ally available and they far too often stick their heads in the sand.