College basketball corruption charges


But if only have hearsay and cannot subpoena for the truth where does that get you?


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I hear the big news is coming in the morning. And it is Big. News.
4:51 PM - Sep 26, 2017 · Louisville, KY


Well, I hope it is distracting because MattD refused to believe we were missing out on certain recruits because other schools were cheating. Instead, it was all about JB’s shortcomings. As it turns out, just like with his DJ Wilson “analysis,” he was flat wrong.


Duke has been dirty for about 15 years. Come on.


And hopefully this will also temper your criticisms of JB’s recruiting results a little, too.


I think we’re going to see far more programs set on fire than just the ones released today.



Looks like the tweet was already deleted.


There is so much more to this and why kids are jumping from AAU team to AAU team and then HS to HS. Someone is getting something. It may not be the kids and at times it may not be the family. As we are finding out, nothing in this world is free even when dealing with 15 and 16 year olds.


Must’ve remembered that he never actually commited anywhere, at least publically.


Sorta true, sorta unfair. Yes, the NCAA often takes a soft stance. But much of that comes from the process. Take the Ole Miss situation as an example. Everyone knows that Ole Miss paid players and many people were openly whispering about how it was being done, but now that the NCAA is actively investigating, many of those same sources who were bragging a few years ago have now clammed up. Push too hard and Ole Miss continues to drag the process on in appeals and then potentially challenges the NCAA’s authority in court ---- which ties up money and other human/investigative resources that the NCAA HQs doesn’t really have to spare.

(Also see the UNC playbook on this)

So, often, the easy way out is to slap a school on the wrist, take down a banner, asterisk a few lines in the record books and let the NCAA take a 1/2 win (or a 1/3 win) and move on to the next problem program. Rinse. Wash. Repeat.


Our playbook was “let the NCAA’s incompetence run their own investigation into the ground.”

I also don’t think Ole Miss can challenge authority in this. UNC did so based on the class being technically available to all students, thus not an NCAA issue but rather a school one. Ole Miss had charges more directly tied to the football program itself, as do these recent cases where money was directly used to bring recruits into a program.


While obviously it won’t end up this way as most top prospects remain uncommitted, it’s kinda cool that if the Arizona and USC commits start jumping ship in preparation of their sanctions we could have the #1 class for a bit.




One has nothing to do with the other. JB’s recruiting stands or falls on its own. The fact that some programs cheat has always been known and acknowledged. That likely only affects a small number of recruits. JB himself has proved that not all 5 stars are on the take.



There are only so many five star kids. Even with a great coach like JB, who is excellent at both identifying underrated kids and developing players once they arrive, you still need great talent to win big.

If there are only so many five stars (which is true), and the vast majority are not recruitable, of course that impacts JB’s ability to get top players.

Heck, just landing Booker and Battle would have been huge for us. Instead, we lost both to schools who don’t play by the rules.


Crystal Ball just got a lot foggier.


Louisville’s AD has been officially fired btw. Pitino reportedly has already told his staff he’s gone too.


unrelated to the corruption stuff, but i REALLY dont want Romeo Langford to end up at IU, or any other non-UM school. kid is a beast