College basketball corruption charges


The FBI did say that the NCAA had no knowledge until this morning.


I wonder if “Bracketologists” will release updates to account for pending ineligible teams? Arizona, Louisville, SoCal, SoCar were all consensus bracket teams and Auburn & Miami (FL) were both popular bubble/in teams. And those are just the school names that were/appear to have been revealed.


There’s probably a maximum of 3 degrees of separation in the CBB world. This will be WAY bigger than the Fab 5. People will be looking up the statute of limitations tonight.


The NCAA will be releasing the following statement shortly:



There’s also rumors that Kentucky is gonna get hit for Immanuel Quickley’s recruitment.


While this is 100% true, it’s also clear the NCAA doesn’t try very hard. It has very little interest in killing its golden goose, thus allowing for the conditions that led us here today.


Where’s that coming from? Been following ksr all day and no one’s the least bit nervous to this point nor has it come up. Not that those other schools had any idea until now, but still I haven’t heard anything.


We should start a bribery tournament bracket. See how well it correlates with actual NCAA tournament results.


Who knows. Kentucky is an obvious rumor candidate.


The Kentucky stuff centers around a player either Quickley or maybe this kid who went to Arizona. The report mentions a bidding war was going on. Based on ESPN, Quickley had interest from both Arizona and Kentucky. Quinerly did not have Kentucky involved in his recruitment, but he did have Kansas.



I can’t keep up. If this Qui* stuff is true…


If only he would eliminate them already.


Which player in the report are you guys are saying is Quickley? And why?


I believe he is referred to as Player 12. It never says if he committed anywhere. It talks about another shoe company who is tied in with another university. Speculation has focused on Quickley or the other kid I mentioned above.



Have fun following all this stuff.


They wouldn’t have to turn down the money, just pay taxes on it.


Agreed, but which of these families has that kind of money. They probably already spent it.


Yes, but weren’t you also talking about ones that hadn’t taken money yet?