College basketball corruption charges


I have a feeling you’ll have time to catch up…this will be a big story for a while as it develops. As for final ramifications, this could be anything from 4-6 assistant coaches getting fired / 4-6 programs on light probation / small handful of players (including Brian Bowen) being ruled ineligible, or it could literally reshape college basketball as we know it. The Feds being involved is a big deal because they have subpoena power, and anyone caught lying on the stand can be convicted of perjury.


Momma Bowen had no clue this was happening.


So much gold is gonna come out of all of this:

“I don’t know anything about that,” Bowen’s mother, Carrie Malecke, said when contacted Tuesday by the Courier-Journal. “I don’t know anything about that. I’m not aware of anything like that. Not me. I had no idea.”

Bowen’s father, Brian Bowen Sr., could not be reached for comment.


Ok, I might have been wrong player 12. Some are now speculating it was Jahvon Quinerly, who committed to Arizona and not Quigley.


This one is funny.


Louisville’s SB Nation blog pretty confidently said they think this is death penalty worthy for them since they were already on probation for the hookers.


I was wondering about Syracuse, since the FBI NYC office is involved. Rich!


To my point about potentially reshaping college basketball as we know it:


UNC fans have been frustrated for years about the lack of one and done type players that we get. I think after this they’ll be happy that BS classes is the farthest 'ole Roy goes. Obviously this isn’t on the level of Baylor’s old coach teaching his players how to lie to investigators after they murdered someone, but this could potentially be the biggest basketball scandal since the Fab 5, and it’s probably bigger than that.




Hopefully JB and his ethical ways get a lot of face time in the 30 for 30 they make a few decades from now about the fall of Louisville’s program from national title to death penalty. It’s quite the fairytale turnaround that the guy voted “cleanest coach in America” by his peers lost in the national title to Pitino then a few years later got the better hand of Louisville in what could potentially be Pitino’s last game as head coach.


Thus kick starting Michigan’s 10 year span of recruiting dominance and national championships. Because everyone knows JB is clean.


I was actually just thinking something similar. Was Oregon named in anything? Even if they weren’t, the other three schools involved with RJ Barrett might be in serious trouble. Perhaps the basketball gods can actually shine down on us for once?


One angle that is seldom talked about. If these families receive cash above $500 (I think this is the number), then they are supposed to report it on their tax return. Obviously these were over six figures. These families could be exposed for tax evasion. If just a few families were pounded by the IRS, how many others would stop and say no. I would think some.



Another one to follow for updates.


Wait, so if I’m understanding this correctly, the NCAA had nothing to do with this, right? It was just the FBI. It took the f***ing FBI getting involved to do a single thing about the shoe circuit era of paying players. God I hate the NCAA.


Yes, but it makes sense. The NCAA has no power. They cannot subpoena anyone, they cannot ask for wiretaps, they simply have no formal legal power, hence the Feds had to do it for them.


The ACC can kick Louisville out if they get the death penalty, right? Might be a good time to push Notre Dame hard for full football membership.


It sounds like the FBI didn’t start out targeting NCAA activities, but kind of backed into it; busted a financial planner or investment banker for fraud and he cut a deal which implicated some and the investigation spun from there.

…but yeah, this is an FBI sting and not something the NCAA investigators were involved in (at least that we know of).