College basketball corruption charges

What is boils down to at many schools is that someone is getting paid. It could be for HS, AAU, or college.

Here is an article from four years that I always send to people who don’t understand how things work.

I guess I can’t say anything in particular about the new Steele staff, but I had multiple close friends attend Xavier and the athletes were very open about receiving impermissible benefits.

People should also keep in mind that even dirty AAU programs/schools understand how to attract the clean kids as well. Duke is the master of this.
Maggette can be dirty and Jabari Parker clean.
The kids aren’t automatically guilty by association.


No, Haney used to be married to Magic’s cousin.

UM did push for him. Creighton came in with an offer he couldn’t refuse.

your right, brain freeze on my part

I’m pretty sure we did and Creighton just offered way more money?

My recollection is that he had a phone interview that he parlayed into an offer for more money from Creighton.

Murphy conducted a phone interview with Beilein related to the opening, according to sources. One source, however, citing Murphy’s agent, told MLive that Murphy has accepted a increase in compensation to remain at Creighton. A spokesman from Creighton athletics declined to comment.

Wetzel was saying that former aau boss tj gassnola sits on the stand next week, I bet that is when stuff really starts to fly as he was the middleman between coaches and players.

I may have read that from a different site. Hard to keep track.

My recollection is we wanted him bad, he seemed interested if not leaning to come, and then Creighton threw a ton of cash at him to stay.


Honestly, after seeing all this testimony, it strikes me that JB is actually a very strong recruiter.

Brian Bowen? His dad was obviously looking for money from day one. (Or if he wasn’t, it’s rather “unusual” that all these schools were offering it anyway).

Yet the narrative in some places was that JB “didn’t work hard” at recruiting, he “can’t close,” and he “can’t relate to kids.” Small wonder why we were not a serious player for Brian Bowen, an instate kid.

Now that all this evidence is coming out, it makes me really wonder about the people who fervently insisted no cheating (or very little) takes place. Did they not know, or did they not want to acknowledge it for whatever reason?


This made me chuckle. Michigan doesn’t land players from Meanstreets. Tai Streets being an alum doesn’t mean Michigan is in danger.


It’s beyond comical

I guess technically it is a violation, but to think that it is “a problem” or that Michigan could get in trouble is silly to say the least. I don’t think Beilein is losing any sleep over it. If anything it would lead the NCAA to change their terrible rule.

Arizona, Louisville, USC… top ten recruiting classes

Is this claim by Brian Bowen’’'s dad about Tai Streets giving him $5,000 going to be a problem for Michigan even though it was to play for his AAU team?

But a couple of media members who attended rival schools and have some wishful thinking said otherwise.

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