College basketball corruption charges

Lol. Guess I have to take your word for it. I just don’t recall passing on Sumner at the time to have been a matter that had people up in arms. Who did we grab instead of Sumner in that class?

But if a player has gone through the draft his eligibility is gone, until the new rules go into effect next year.

If you declare for the draft and stay in the draft, then you can do whatever you want. People can pay you, loan you money, whatever. That wouldn’t count against the school.

Michigan didn’t take a PG in 14, though they did grab MAAR and Dawkins later. You’re right though, at least as far as I remember, that the Sumner angst was more retrospective than when he committed.

Retrospective…that was my recollection as well. Good stuff.

Most of the Sumner Angst came after Xavier beat Michigan 86-70 at Crisler on 11/20/15. That team had Bluiett, Reynolds and Sumner as a redshirt Freshman. They all looked good that night, there was a lot of Reynolds angst as well. Maybe Chris Mack isn’t so squeaky clean. Could explain Bluiett also.

Blueitt’s family and Zak Irvin’s family strongly disliked each other, dating way back before AAU ball. That did not help.

We had scheduled a “Blueitt only” official visit where they were ready to roll out the red carpet for him. Instead, he cancelled and visited UCLA, where his high school had been hired. He committed there, then decommitted, and we did not get involved a second time. Then he turned down MSU among others to sign with Xavier.

I’ve heard from a few sources that Xavier and also now Marquette are not exactly clean. For whatever it’s worth.


I’ve been posting on this board for years that I know 100% certain that Xavier is not clean. Money wise and discipline wise. Going back even to the Matta days.

I remembered someone here saying that, I just didn’t remember who. Mystery solved. :slight_smile:

It is why Mack is a natural for Louisville!!


As a repeat offender Louisville has no business playing post season basketball for at least 5 years.


First mention I’ve heard of La Lumiere…

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If you are wondering about random commitments to DePaul. Notice that Meanstreets and LaLu were paying for services in HS. Heirman (LaLu) and Tim Anderson (Meanstreets) are currently both on staff at DePaul.


This is the kind of stuff you find out when you can do a real investigation with subpeonas and statements under oath. This kind of stuff is certainly the normal in CBB.

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A lot of people were wondering why Michigan didn’t push for Preston Murphy.


I don’t know if I’d say this current Xavier staff is corrupt. There was some high rated kids they were in with good for awhile and the kids hinted that they wanted money or compensation and they wouldn’t do it. Ended up losing out on the kids and they committed elsewhere. There is only 1 or 2 members from the original Xavier staff left. And those two coaches were the ones who said no to do that extra stuff. Not sure about Mack or the coaches that went with him.

From what I’ve seen, this Xavier staff doesn’t pursue high enough level kids really to make me think they are super corrupt. If they were, why not go for higher rated kids rather than 3 stars and lower 4 stars generally? Because with how they win and their facilities, if they did pursue higher ranked kids they should be able to pull them at a high rate. It’s a pure basketball school that wins in a good conference. Doesn’t seem to add up a ton to me.

Didn’t Brandon John’s play for meanstreets?

Brandon Johns played for Spiece. Isaiah Livers played for Mean Streets. (Bowen Sr. says Spiece was offering more money, FWIW.)

But playing for a local AAU team also isn’t a crime by itself.

No definitely not. Sorry was insinuating anything just thought one of UofM’s players has a connection to them.