College basketball corruption charges


NCAA is about as clueless as can possibly be conceived. The Rice committee has not been spotted at one single AAU event this July, yet are ignorant enough to implement these rules. AAU is seriously not that bad. It has negative spots like literally everything does. The overwhelming majority of this stuff greatly helps kids at ALL college levels. Not even just high D1. It’s a joke.



I almost put that tweet into this thread earlier. I touched upon Louisville not long ago and how I didn’t think the stuff with Pitino really had a big effect. Snow summed it up pretty well.


Still glad that Beilein does things with utmost honor and integrity.


The first federal trial is expected to start tomorrow. Prospective jurors were told these schools may be involved: Arizona, Creighton, DePaul, Kansas, LSU, Louisville, Miami, North Carolina State, Oklahoma State, Oregon, Southern California and Texas.





Yeah recent stuff that’s come out about this makes me a bit less suspicious of Izzo’s program regarding this. Still an asshole, yes. But perhaps not a cheating asshole.

I’d be shocked if the Weems situation wasn’t the exact same thing as Bowen.


There are a lot of these players that are in the a similar situation as Bowen, its just not played out in court. When you see specific schools recruiting guys or those schools/coaches are in their top 5, then you have to get suspicious. Quite a few of those schools are on the list that came out in court the other day.


Bear in mind, FWIW, that Haney is Magic’s brother-in-law.


A few familiar names here…Although unclear if this is more pre-draft financing, loans, etc. during school rather than recruitment (or both).


A lot of pixels were scattered over JB “missing” on Sumner…





I don’t recall,much fuss over passing on him


I bet you could find several locked threads with strong takes of how we should fire Beilein and hire Mack with Sumner (and Reynolds) as prime evidence. I don’t think Dylan would enjoy any further dredging up of the past though…


Receiving a loan post-draft can’t be an NCAA violation, can it?


Receiving a loan while you still have eligibility is a violation, yes.