College basketball corruption charges


I agree, but I’d rather not let the perfect be the enemy of the good because, as you can see, solving everything is too big for some people to handle right now. The first step I would take on improving “compensation” for everyone is a significant investment in lifelong health insurance / health care, particularly for football and those that suffer life-altering injuries while in an NCAA sanctioned event.


Round “two” that was the answer. Round two.

And a certain idiot still had them going to the FF in his bracket. Don’t do brackets in a race just before first tip, folks.


The pain this March was all MSU’s. Actually, it’s been painful for most of the implicated teams. Although things are looking pretty good for Duke and Kentucky.



Some more details on the FBI probe


It marks the first time Kansas and North Carolina State have been mentioned in the list of universities caught up in the federal bribery scandal in college basketball.

This definitely isn’t true, Dennis Smith was among the players mentioned on the Yahoo article.


Looks like Dennis Smith, Jr. for NC State (already named but more information provided) and after some searching, I’m thinking it’s Billy Preston and Silvio De Sousa for Kansas. Preston committed to KU in November of 2016 and the first payment to Player 1’s family was in late October of that year, so it would appear that Preston committed once the first installment was made. De Sousa committed to Kansas on August 30, 2017 which corresponds with the information in the indictment regarding the second Kansas player.


Yes De Sousa matches up with that commitment date. Other articles have stated their names and Josh Jackson was the other name. This information just provides more details than I previously recall seeing. The Jackson stuff matches up with what has widely been known about his mom and UA.


FWIW, Dan Wetzel tweeted that Josh Jackson was not one of the players mentioned in this particular indictment.

Matching up the timeline in the indictment, it does not involve Josh Jackson. There are two other Kansas players involved.

— Dan Wetzel (@DanWetzel) April 10, 2018

(As an aside, how do you make links/Tweets show up nice and pretty?)


So Bleacher Report had the first article I read. I go back now and it’s heavily edited from the original to the point where Josh Jackson’s name is removed but at the end it uses Jackson’s last name as if it had been used prior in the article (which it was but now is not).

Even the link has their names on it. As for the links I just paste the URL.


Wasn’t the deal with DSJ alleged to be a payment made to him AFTER NC state? I could be wrong.


Why would that have been an issue? They are claiming an Adidas employee gave cash to an NCSt coach to pass along to Smith.


Now it ties to a coach but I don’t think the coach was part of the reveal earlier and there was some ambiguity as to whether it was just to influence him to sign with the agency or if it was a school thing. This definitely points it towards a school thing which removes the doubt about NC State for most people.



Might as well give him a lifetime contract.


Amazing. He has been openly dirty everywhere he has gone and not even terribly successful. Only in the $EC.



What “issue” exactly is this supposed to solve?



Pad some different pockets? What other issue does any “commission” ever solve. Definitely isn’t going to get rid of any improprieties in recruiting.


The NCAA is so bad at resolving problems

This isn’t going to change anything with universities… it’s only going to affect the kids and their ability to get exposure and afford them better opportunities