College basketball corruption charges


Yep. I came on here explicitly to say “hi” to everyone that gave me a hard time (none more than him) when I said I had knowledge that Arizona wasn’t clean.


Alright cool, you guys were right and apparently MattD was wrong. That wasnt the point.

I will be very interested to see how wide and deep this ends up going…


Fingers crossed that Duke, Kentucky, Arizona, Oregon all have some issues here :slight_smile:


This stuff is nothing new for Andy Miller either.

Where do you think Ramker works now?

Now Brad Augustine runs a new Florida AAU program? Interesting.

Cycle of life.


It’s def not the point and I hope the comment isn’t distracting.

It’s a very interesting issue for all of college basketball, and it’s times like these that I hope we can all appreciate Beilein a little bit extra than we already do.


This is the big question


Arizona in trouble


Here’s the livestream


I believe Coach Cal “plays loose” with NCAA regulations, and if my belief is true, I hope it gets exposed in this.

But, man, I really hope no allegations surface about Coach K — I want to beat Duke, I don’t like Duke, but Coach K has been a poster child for winning “the right way.” If that proves to have been a house of cards, it’s a bad day for college athletics.


I’m shocked! Shocked I tell you!

Hopefully this will at least start to clean up some of the cesspool that is college hoops recruiting, but my guess is that this is just a drop in the bucket.


Nah, would be very nice to see Coach K get knocked off his high horse just a bit


Coach K’s program has had its share of shady recruitments. He is far from squeaky clean.



This is really nothing in the grand scheme of things. It’s a start to making things less corrupt but it won’t change. Just like doping in track and field, when there is money involved people are going to do some crazy things. People will find new ways to get around the rules.


Yeah, but the great thing about having John Beilein as your coach is that for all the complaints about who he has gotten and not gotten in recruiting, no one thinks he could be next on this. For us, schadenfreude is something we can indulge in for today and as long as this story runs.


I would bet the house we are not on this list. I am enjoying this immensely.


JB doesn’t even take the shampoo from his hotel room. We’re as safe as safe gets, which makes the view of this whole thing so much sweeter!


Interesting convo’s at


I don’t have time today to really read through all of it. Could someone summarize the player we think this will effect or are rumored to effect? Lot of ineligibilities coming up?


I just skimmed the entire document. Man this could get huge. Obviously, Bowen and Louisville, Miami and a player I have yet to see named, but then there are two competing schools who I assume are Arizona and UK fighting for Quigley. Quigley supposedly gets something from UK, but Arizona was trying to buy him for $150,000. The wiretaps have names of schools, other footwear companies besides Adidas that are involved in these schemes. Should be interesting.