College basketball corruption charges

This made me chuckle. Michigan doesn’t land players from Meanstreets. Tai Streets being an alum doesn’t mean Michigan is in danger.


It’s beyond comical

I guess technically it is a violation, but to think that it is “a problem” or that Michigan could get in trouble is silly to say the least. I don’t think Beilein is losing any sleep over it. If anything it would lead the NCAA to change their terrible rule.

Arizona, Louisville, USC… top ten recruiting classes

Is this claim by Brian Bowen’’'s dad about Tai Streets giving him $5,000 going to be a problem for Michigan even though it was to play for his AAU team?

But a couple of media members who attended rival schools and have some wishful thinking said otherwise.

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I can’t imagine a more fitting move by the NCAA than punishing the cleanest coach in the sport for something a former football player did for a recruit that was never seriously even considering attending the school, during his AAU career. sigh


I think the key issue here is that the booster has to be recruiting the prospect to attend the school. Tai Streets is a booster, but if he’s paying players to bolster his charity organization, that doesn’t mean he’s recruiting them to go to Michigan. I would think there would need to be something to close the loop there.

Generally speaking, the penalty for this sort of thing is a suspension of the prospect (i.e. Jamal Crawford or Indiana a few years back).


I don’t want to “like” this, but I agree.

The punishment here would likely be that Tai Streets can’t have contact with Michigan or attend games or interact with Michigan in the recruitment of one of his kids. Bowen would obviously be ineligible and is permanently ineligible because he’s a pro in Australia now. But it isn’t like there’s something to worry about here.

That CBS article with IU outlines what punishment could be like if it was found to be a violation.


Technically, i can donate money to Michigan State to become a booster of their programs. Then to put them in trouble, I could give money to one of their recruits. Or I can donate to all programs to get everyone in trouble.

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They wouldnt get in trouble, you would get in trouble

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Decided to swing by RCMB for their take on the situation (I know I know…) and had some laughs. One guy mentioned a late visit from Bowen where we got crystal balls that I’m pretty sure only existed in this guys head.

I listened Huge show when Izzo was on. Izzo was being complimentary towards Coach Beilein but it was difficult for him to do. Did so vaguely at first then mentioned Beilein and Bray as coaches who do things the right way


They also had people claiming Beilein was cheating when he started winning, even though he was still losing every recruiting battle with Izzo.

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Potentially implicating Self directly…