College Basketball 2022-23 Discussion

I will say that even when he was bricking everything in sight, his stroke always looked pure. It was hard to understand how such good form could result in some of the worst misses you ever saw.

His last 417 3 pointers prior to this season he was shooting 20%. I mean it’s hard to have a ton of confidence a guy like that shoots 35% the next year. You have to be a 3pt volume absolutist to have faith in that

Heck even before conference play this year he was shooting 27%. Which to me makes it seem he’s just on an insane hot streak.

He has stopped taking as many 2s of all varieties which he was very bad at as well.


It would be so exciting to be a participant on a team that has one player score 29 consecutive points. That sense of brotherhood and inclusiveness, while we all stood there and watched as he shot the ball each and every time he received it.


I thought they should have only done it for upperclassmen. The idea that college teams are still going to be dealing with the Covid year’s repercussions in 2024 is nuts.

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The 2025 ncaa tournament will feature 5th year COVID seniors. We’re not even halfway through it’s effects


Christian Anderson vs 36 year olds is gonna be a movie


I’m not sure what the original call was, but I hope it wasn’t a block. The defender established legal guarding position well above the 3 point line, moved to maintain position, and took the contact right in the chest. Textbook charge. Gottlieb screaming that if anything it should be a UNC foul doesn’t surprise me. He’s usually wrong.

I’m good with the upgrade to a flagrant 1. Mintz is RH player, so for him to swing the ball from R to L while clearing space with the right elbow is unnecessary (from a basketball standpoint) and excessive (elbow to the head).


You’re right re English - I was thinking of him vs Caputo.

Mooney is a really good name. That’s a nice solid floor.


Xavier is flattening UCONN

Former Iowa great Jack Nunge

The Souley Boum/Colby Jones backcourt is really good

Edit: I post this, Sonogo starts going crazy, Gimbell crowd is involved, and it’s an 8 point game

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UConn cuts it to 1, Xavier pushes back to 11, UConn cuts it to 1, now it’s 4

Exciting game

Convinced Colby Jones is a pro

Not many 6’6” guards who can shoot and handle

As the resident UConn alumn I will say I hate dan hurley.

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Mike White woke up feeling dangerous

41 points

29% shooting

18% from 3

42% from the stripe

19 turnovers


He is taking notes from your boy Mr. Gard




Hahaha that’s awesome

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If Gottlieb isn’t the biggest blowhard in college hoops then he’s gotta be in the top 3. So many awful and flat wrong takes.


To close the loop on this, apparently it was a social media stunt.

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Not at all in the same ballpark, but I had a work league game where I made 18 out of 21 points for my team (it was 1s and 2s up to 21). Towards the end, we were 1 point from winning and I missed a couple midrange jumpers and my teammates got impatient and were like “c’mon just finish the game already!” Should’ve gone for a higher percentage shot there I guess :upside_down_face:

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