College Basketball 2022-23 Discussion

The non-B1G thread.

@buckets12 was it at all controversial putting Starling this high? Notre Dame returns, I believe, 7 of their top 8 minutes from last year. Is this a Marvin Williams 2005 situation where the freshman super sub puts a bunch of good seniors over the top?

Borzello has ND losing Wesley, Atkinson, and Hubb. Are the latter two returning, i.e. taking the extra year?

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ugh I trusted Bartholomew again


There was a bit of push back on Starling at first but it was much more “why do you have Kohler and Skyy so high you Big Ten homer” than it was others vs. Starling. I think my original pitch was the same top 9 with Kohler at 10 and Skyy at like 12.

And just for the record my pitch with Kohler and Skyy being so high was essentially “them being really good or really bad will 100% decide their team’s seasons”. When discussing impact I wholeheartedly believe they’re forced into being top 10 impact guys one way or another. Almost all the other guys 6-15 are just good NBA prospects who might not be asked to do much IMO.