Charles Matthews (Transfer Commit)



Either way I really feel good about our chances here. I’d be very disappointed if the staff couldn’t get a commitment here. I really really want this kid. I still think he’s an elite prospect. When I look at his video compared to other guys Who were ranked similar this year and last I think Mathews film looks better. X, maar, and him would be a very good 1,2,3. Toss in Wagner and who ever is the other big ( frosh, or maybe Duncan with Mathews guarding the fours?) and all of a sudden 2017 looks like a big year. I think belein is going to make the last two years look like an outlier driven by injuries and a few misses.

A commitment here would really make me believe we’re on the right path with consistent top four finishes in the big ten. The 2017 bench could be promising to. Let’s get this done coach b.


Any word on how the visit went, Dylan?


I don’t have any info but this whole thing with the French kid makes me worry .


The French kid thing does not make much sense by any mean. I doubt both party are serious. It does not make sense for M and does not make sense for him.


I’m not worried, just weird we didn’t hear anything from him or any Michigan guy about an offer.


In the front page story is says Stansbury visited last week so I doubt there’s much of a correlation between the two visits.


Matthews hasn’t been talking to any media. So can’t really read the silence one way or another.


True, his Twitter is very quiet. I’m still on the fence about him due to him not being able to play this year anyway I do like the bigger named guys that we are showing interest in recently.


Look at it this way: would you be happy with getting a commitment from a player his quality as a freshman in the 2017 class?

Might not help us this year, but he’s better than Baruti and probably most other under the radar guys we’d be looking at as a late addition in the 16 class. And I doubt we fill every empty scholarship with a grad transfer (if any)


Next level stalking by me here, and it may mean nothing, but earlier this weekend Matthews started following assistant Jeff Meyer. He no longer follows him. He has followed Xavier head coach Chris Mack since the news about him being down to X and Michigan came out. Take that FWIW…


Good point. If he could play this year, it’s a no brainier. Since he can’t, we better be getting someone equal or superior talent in '17. I say if he is interested, we take him I hope it’s no silence because we lost interest. Whatever the reason may be.


He is presumably far more ready to play in 2017-18 than an incoming freshman though. Mostly because he’ll be more mature and experienced by then.


He was already pretty well built, so a year with mr. Sanderson could really make this guy a physical force in '17. I guess I am a little concerned with there being no word at all about it. We need athletes like this kid, so I’m all for bringing him in. You think with our roster type and Matthews being from Chicago, that maybe there was a clash in personality types. Being from campaign, il, I’ve spoken to several people involved in u of I basketball that say coming out of high school the big question was his desire to be better and work hard.


Pretty much everyone in Lexington including Calipari has spoken favorably about him so I don’t think that is a big issue.


I agree, but it still seems weird that he wouldn’t even go public with a scholarship offer. But, I hope you’re right and there isn’t much to be read into


That isn’t a promising sign, but we were on the other end of that with Chris Clark (The class of 2015 tight end) for football and he ended up committing to UCLA.


That’s troublesome. I’d be pretty disappointed if we lost out here. I’d like to get him.

I don’t see why anyone would be so concerned with him not playing this year. It would be great if he could but he should be well ahead of most frosh coming in for 2017 with three years left. Great athlete/ defender which we need and was a top 60 kid. We’d all be loving any top 60 guy signing in 17. He’s just another 17 recruit to me basically and a highly rated one, who should have an immediate impact. I don’t see a negative really, particularly with the open scholarships.


Any news on when Matthews might make a decision?


Both visits are done now so I’d expect something sooner than later.


Kentucky transfer Charles Matthews is headed to Michigan, source told ESPN.

— Jeff Goodman (@GoodmanESPN) June 21, 2016