Charles Matthews (Transfer Commit)


So, if he were to come here, how do we think this would affect our 2017 recruit plans, if at all? I know 4 scholarships are a lot to work with, just wondering if this affects what position we concentrate most heavily on.

NICE!!! did not expect us to pick up the phone on any of these guys. Happily proven wrong. Saw CM in high school. Not really a guy you’d think would be core to our “system”, but Donlan will love him and he is what we need/lack.

Spicy. I like it. Glad to see coach b is mixing and matching skills here.

Very interesting. I hope we can land Matthews. It’s too bad he won’t be eligible next year. Maybe JB’s end-of-the-season comments weren’t just lip service.

What I would be so good about this pick up though is that 2017 would be a much better team with a guy like Mathews in all likely hood instead of more freshman. We will lose a lot at years end and be pretty young. Mathews would help ease this pain and give us some veteran ready to contribute talent to team with maar and Wagner ( barring either blows up and leaves) adding someone like him would further my feeling to let donall go. Still have three scholarships to work with.


I’m feeling very optimistic right now. I believe we are about to make noise.

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Huh, just when you had convinced me that this was another WindsorBlue pipe dream!


This would be a terrific add in my opinion. I think CM has a very high upside and does a lot of things that we need, including defend and finish. Never got a proper chance playing for Calipari and with Monk/Gabriel coming in, he probably was going to fall further in the rotation there. If he came, it could also have collateral benefits to the perception of the U-M program – since’s a fairly high-profile and athletic prospect out of Chicago (and former MSU target).

As an aside, it seems like Xavier is quickly becoming our arch enemy in recruiting.

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Interesting to think about how he’d fit in with the 2017 class and future rosters. I like the idea of him to complement Poole/Duncan given his athleticism. Think he also would provide a lot of flexibility with the 2017 group beyond that as well.

The biggest question in my mind is how he would affect strategy re Cain (and now Wilkes). But I am high on CM and wouldn’t worry too much about it.

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It seems like, for our current board/known interest, Matthews comes closest to Cain and Tillman, but those are stretches of comparisons. Seems like Cain is a better shooter and Tillman plays more like a big man. Am I missing a like-for-like name on our current 2017 “board,” who becomes redundant with Matthews?

I think people are underestimating his “guard” skill because he played the role of a wing and defender for a Kentucky team that already had three of the most talented guards in the country. I gather in HS he played mostly SG – his HS footage showed a guy who could handle the ball and had some range on his jumper. Matt may call me an idiot but he reminds me somewhat of Cain with a comparable motor and better ball handling.

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Sort of in the Bowen/Wilkes mold in the sense that he’s a bit more of a guard. More of a slasher that could play the 2/3 IMO. I still think Cain is closer to a 3/4 than the 3/2, but he’s also very skinny so I can see some similarity there.

But Michigan has also been checking in on a bunch of guys like Justin Smith and those sorts so I just think there’s a new emphasis on adding some athleticism to the roster.

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I’m hoping that doesn’t mean Wilkes will see himself as redundant, which he shouldn’t because he is good enough to play regardless of our roster construction.

I hope Windsor is right, about Matthews having more ‘guard’ abilities than what he did/was able to show at Kentucky. But, even if he is a below-average shooter, I still like what it looks like he would definitely bring to the table.

While I have really liked the looks of our 2017 board, it would be great to get a (formerly) high-ranked recruit and immediate stability in the class. I would love to think that we will get mostly 1A and 1B options, Matthews seems much preferable to gambling on getting those first choices, missing, then going to second options.


Does anyone think Matthews would be worried about MAAR and Duncan being 3-year returning starters by the time he can play? Whereas at Xavier, Blueitt and Sumner are both possible draft entries following next season.

I’d love to take him if we can get him. Still not totally sure how he fits in alongside X, Poole, Ibi, MAAR and Duncan though.

I think the sell would be that he’d be replacing Zak Irvin.


Here’s some high school film of Matthews. He apparently underwent a small hip procedure after the season.

(and video embeds are fixed :slight_smile: )


Flashy highlight reel but gives a sense of why this is a big deal

Matthews is much more talented than Robinson. It’s Robinson or Ibi that should be worried not Matthews.