Charles Matthews (Transfer Commit)



I think he knows he’s going to Europe. He’s still super raw 5 years removed from his senior year of high school.


Xavier’s Scout site broke down Charles Matthews… Video here:


Minus the alley oops it looked like almost all of his baskets were shots that he created for himself in iso situations, which would add a great dimension to our offense. I think it’s really interesting to see the different approach he takes from MAAR in the same situations. MAAR slowly penetrates and waits for the defender to make a mistake and then attacks but Matthews is just flying by defenders with that first step. Also, it would be fantastic to have an impact offensive rebounder at the wing. I thought GR3 and Dawkins had potential for that but neither of them were able to develope it after 2 years. This video makes me want him even more.


I know it’s a highlight reel but this film is amazing. Incredible motor and hustle … every bit the athlete as GR3 but much more ready and willing to put the ball on the floor and slash to the rim. I think this makes him a must-get IMO. No reservations whatsoever.


Yeah, we need Matthews yesterday.


What position do you think Sumner can play in the NBA? I don’t see one.


I hope Matthews would be able to show off that offensive rebound ability. The philosophy of Beilein has pretty much been to not chase o-rebounds and get back on D. I would hate to see that part of the game not show up because of an emphasis being put on getting back on D.


If Dennis Schroeder from the ATL Hawks can thrive in the NBA, I see no reason that Sumner can’t carve out a role with a similar size and skillset


Shhh… don’t bring that up. At least not till he signs.


I was a little leery, but I really want this guy now. We should be able to beat out Xavier – they have no recent success of putting wings in the NBA.


2012/2013 Offensive Rebounds

  1. Trevor Mbakwe    Minnesota     112
  2. Cody Zeller    Indiana     101

3. Mitch McGary Michigan 99
4. Victor Oladipo Indiana 93
5. Aaron White Iowa 88
Jared Berggren Wisconsin 88
7. Glenn Robinson Michigan 83
8. A.J. Hammons Purdue 82
9. Sam McLaurin Illinois 80
10. Derrick Nix Michigan St. 79

I recall Glenn Robinson having a bunch of Matthews-film-esque put backs.


Yeah, Mitch and Glenn crashed a bit. With the current roster makeup there’s really no point to crashing any guards or wings though because none of them are particularly effective offensive rebounders and the team isn’t very good in transition defense.

How effective Matthews would be on the offensive glass probably depends more on where he plays… not as easy from the two as it is from the wing.


Dylan, this is slightly unrelated but does even if Michigan does land Matthews, he can’t play this coming season. Are we looking at anybody that can help during the '16-17 season?


I’m sure they are looking, but I haven’t heard of anything realistic or imminent. Which doesn’t mean something couldn’t be happening under the radar.


I think Matthews would be slotted at the 3 based on his skill set and the roster – he’d overlap with Rakhman for a year, Poole and Watson for his entire career, although we’ll see who else comes in. In addition to Mitch and GRIII, Caris used to grab some offensive boards when playing alongside Nick. Not emphasized, but JB will let a guy or two go for boards when they can be effective.


I think Schroeder is a lot better than Sumner, but we’ll see. That’s a solid comparison.


Sumner can play, and is going to be a tough tough cover for anyone this year. He’s definitely a next level talent.

Really lament not pressing for him harder.


2017 wing Jared Ridder commits to Xavier -- one of the best shooters in the class.

— Jeff Borzello (@jeffborzello) June 9, 2016


On mgoblog’s recruiting roundup today they mentioned this while talking about Matthews:

When clicked on, the link directs you to Twitter, saying that the page doesn’t exist anymore. Anyone know what Poole tweeted out?


In the comment section, Ace said that Poole was welcoming Matthews to the family. But I don’t know when it was tweeted (could have been in response to that supposed commitment about a week ago).