Charles Matthews (Transfer Commit)




Very nice if true!


Updated scholarship breakdown


A very nice get for the program and a very pleasant surprise! Go Blue!


One thing that stood out when researching his commit post: his measurables

41.5 inch max vert, 6-6 with shoes, 6-9 wing span. Those are all ideal for a wing.


Wooh. Won a recruiting battle!


Wish he could play this season but, a year to work on his game and learn the system should be beneficial.


Yeah, I wrote this somewhere (maybe in this thread), but with a year in the system and the fact that he’ll be in his third year of college – he should be really ready to make an impact in 2017-18 and U-M will need some impact that year losing Walton/Irvin.


I’m sure it’s searchable, I’ll be curious to see how those numbers compare to someone like gr3 to get a sense of what we could expect.


Mentioned on the front page that GR3 also recorded a 41.5 inch max vert. He was about an inch or so taller (and 20 pounds heavier) at the NBA Draft combine though.


I skimmed the front post and missed the gr3 reference, sorry. That’s really encouraging to see though. Hard to imagine that if gr3 could be a starter that Matthews can’t contribute as soon as he’s eligible.


This makes me really happy and good work Coach Beilein! Adding an athlete like this is exactly what we need!

…and our scout team just got a whole lot better for next season. Even though he can’t help during games, it’ll be nice having him learn the ropes and play some good ball in practice.


Real pumped. I felt good about it at the start when I read it was Xavier and us. I’m really looking forward to 2017. The possibility that our strength could be defense would be great to see.

Poole and Mathews is a great start. Very excited to see how we finish.


I’d be happy with adding Jamal Cain to that duo and then I think the coaches can be picky about a backup pg option.


Interesting perspective from another big ten team and where they stand in recruiting and in regards to Matthews.


Hopefully he spends a good portion of the off year working on his shot. As Dylan said on the front page, if he can get that to even be average he has a chance to be great.


Have watched this kid for years, a superior athlete with great upside. Like you said, this summer can be huge for him and in '17 can be a great player. If we could add one of Wilkes/johns/Bowen, that class is looking pretty special.


Think you could summarize? I get a pay screen


It’s an old article about why Matthews won’t be coming to Illinois and how Michigan would be a good fit (reputation for producing pros on the wing).


I still think donnall might not get that fifth. Seems redundant unless Wagner somehow blew up and went pro.

Program is moving into a good place right now. I expect things to end well for 17