Charles Matthews (Transfer Commit)



Jamal, Kimani, D Tillman, and maybe Charles will work. With that, Were in J.B’s system. Wings like Nova. Results like Nova. We Ready! Kinda old VCU, with a superior game. The centers are under rated. X will be very good.



Would be real nice getting this kid. Maybe could step in and start for Irvin after he graduates.


Any reason to think it’s better or worse to get the first of his two visits?


Logic on visits is always that if you have the first visit, you have a chance to convince him to skip the last visit and if you have the last visit then you have the last word (but have the risk of maybe never getting there).


We’re the only two visits correct?


Yeah, Dylan has a pretty good write up about it on the front page. You should check it out for more info


I’ve watched the Matthews HS film, and in IMO, if he wants to come, you take him no questions asked. He fills a position of need on the wing, and brings the athleticism and defensive abilities we desparately need. I don’t give a damn if he can’t shoot.


Yea for some reason my phones been linking me directly to the forum so I haven’t been checking out the main page. Will do now, thanks. Also for what it’s worth if it’s just us two, I like our odds. He’s more of an Xavier style guy but with our slight tweak in philosophy ( hopefully) and situation I like our chances more. No gauruntee sumner, or blueitt will leave. Irvin’s a definite. Also his weaknesses are coach bs strengths. I’d bet coach b could turn him into a pro before Mack could. Huge selling points all around there in our favor.


I’ll say this - if Matthews heads to Xavier it may not be such a bad thing with respect to some of our other targets/offers.


Do you think he might scare aware a Cain type recruit?


@johnmiller: We get how you feel about a) rankings and b) Jamal Cain. Can you stop flooding every post about Cain/rankings? Consider this a public warning.

@MattD: We all know how you feel about Jamal Cain as well. Sometimes its best not to repeat the same disagreements.

This thread is about Charles Matthews.


Can’t really speak intelligently about that. What I can speak on is my own personal take. I like Charles Matthews, and think he can bring a lot to the team. If he wants to come, you take him IMO. Worry about the rest later. As Dylan says, these things tend to work themselves out.


I don’t know a ton about Xavier’s scholarship chart, but Michigan also is going to have plenty of playing time coming open on the wings.

We all agree that U-M already is probably one short there, plus you add in Irvin’s graduation. Then losing MAAR and Duncan the year after that.


Xavier right now is approximately.

PG - Edmond Sumner (So.) - Quentin Goodin (Fr.)
SG - Myles Davis (Sr.)
SF - JP Macura (Jr.) - Kaiser Gates(So.)
PF - Trevon Bluiett (Jr.) - Tyrique Jones (Fr.) - Eddie Ekiyor (Fr.)
C - Rashid Gaston (Sr.) - Sean O’Mara (Jr.)

That’s all their scholarship guys (I think only 10 right now). Matthews will probably be recruited with the expectation that he’ll slide into Myles Davis’ spot in the starting lineup (with Macura starting at SG).


I think the expectation is that Bluiett and maybe Sumner will enter the draft as well.


Is that for this year or 17? I thought they had Reynolds or farr back?


Yeah, Sumner could easily declare. Blueitt seems like he’d only be declaring if he’s tired of school. Doesn’t seem like he’s good enough to go to the NBA.


It’s for this year. Farr graduated and Jaylen declared because he’s really old (did a prep year and redshirted) and is not a big fan of classes/Coach Mack.


Wow I didn’t see that about jaylen. Stupid they really would have had a shot to be a contender. Still shocked they blew the Wisconsin game. I’d like to have seen what they did. I wonder if he can catch on anywhere. Old school, dirty work, bruiser type.