Charles Matthews (Transfer Commit)



No, IMO, it is not.
If in some future year, due to graduation, transfers or injuries, Mchigan finds itself short on shooters and Beilein says that we need to get more guys who can shoot, that would not be a shift or tweak, merely a good coach reacting to current roster needs.


Honestly I think we r fine with shooters. Dwalt Duncan MAAR Irvin Donnal Wagner DJ and Ibi all can shoot the 3. We really lack athleticism on this team.


Yeah, feel like that is a very quick decision. I would love it, but I won’t get my hopes up til it’s from a source that is more reliable.


yeah, this is a really weird way to have the news come out. fingers crossed…


I wouldn’t say they are fine for outside shooting. The only ones who were proficient at it were Walton/Robinson. Irvin hit under 30%, Wagner only attempted 12 behind the arc, Donnal shot 30% behind the arc in 33 attempts and Wilson hardly played. They certainly aren’t fine when it comes to shooters.


This was also tweeted by the Xavier SBNation blog, but I am guessing that it is simply them piggybacking on the previous tweet. I’ve not heard good things about the blog from my Xavier buddy, so it’s probably nothing new but I figured I might as well post everything I can find.


Not really sure about that Juco Report guy’s tweet, he tagged me in it and it has been out there all day but all of the sudden people are just randomly running with it.

I would advise against this and haven’t been able to confirm anything like that. I would guess that Michigan has a good chance (one of two schools mentioned) the whole thing seems way premature. He still has to visit U-M (which is supposed to be the first visit of the two).


Balas says nah.


I said spots


Does that mean he has already setup a visit?


Who the hell is that guy? That bio reads as if he’s characterizing him self as a professional handler or something. I’m not buying that. Take it easy there www jr.


Just posting random predictions so people follow him?


I actually agree, we really could use another shooter especially since even our top one ran through such a funk. Guess this is one reason why I wanted spike back besides the redundancy and Aubrey.


@slyboogie2: I’ve sent you a couple messages about this but you need to start using the edit function and start trying to keep your posts to one post rather than double or triple posting when you post.


Didn’t want to keep hitting people with essays.



Can we please stop with the vastly undersized 4’s? This kid looks like a 2/3 all the way.


You post every random thought that pops in your head.


Indeed I do.


Yeah I’ve noticed that too. No reason not to edit the post or wait until he actually needs to post another one. It would help with bandwidth, as would not quoting videos or pictures.