Charles Matthews declares for NBA Draft without an agent


This is not directed at anyone in particular, but it’s all speculation at this point. We will all know by sometime late Wednesday, or we won’t. Charles will either return to Michigan for one more year, honing his skills and improving his draft stock for the 2020 NBA draft, or he will opt to stay in the draft and count on his outstanding, and God given, athletic ability and his tremendous work ethic to get him an opportunity with an NBA team.

I certainly hope he returns to Michigan, IF that’s what he believes in his heart is his best option. Am I selfish? Perhaps, but I can honestly say I hope Charles does what will BEST help him to fulfill his dream. I personally hope Charles takes a longer term view. Which decision will help him to have the longest, most fulfilling and most lucrative NBA career over the long term. If returning to Michigan is not the choice Charles believes, in his heart AND in his mind, is in his best interests, then I do hope he stays in the draft, hires an agent, and goes forward with his plan to reach the NBA. I will wish him all the best. Make no mistake, I want him to return to Michigan. He can help lead us to further greatness. But I only want him to return if that is what HE believes is right based on his honest feedback and the honest advice of his advisers.

I agree with Geoff in that this is an adult decision. I often refer to our players as “kids,” but many, in this case Charles, are faced with huge decisions, ADULT decisions. As parents and grandparents, as coaches and teachers, we want our “kids” to make great choices, choices that will benefit them as they walk the road of their life. All we can do is advise, because even though they may be “kids” in our eyes and in our hearts, they are adults and they WILL make their own, hopefully best, decisions, for them. By the way, my 44 year old son with a PhD will always be my “kid” even though he and his sisters have and will surpass me in their accomplishments in life, and hopefully in their wisdom, too.

We will probably know by Wednesday what Charles will do. Until then we can only speculate. We will also know what Jalen Wilson will do. I’m personally hoping Michigan will get GREAT news x2 on Wednesday. Am I selfish? Probably, but I also DO care that they make the best decisions possible…for them and for Michigan.


TBH, I’m very confused about what path he perceives as the way forward to the NBA. Does he think he’s gonna be able to dominate on a g league team next year and get a quick call up? I’d say that’s probably unlikely.

Imo if he leaves, the most likely path is probably making 35k in the G League for 1-2 years until he gives up and takes a 15-20k payraise in Europe. How many off guard defenders without a jump shot are getting G league call ups?


Good luck to Charles, really tough I’m sure! My real issue is with the NCAA…any player should be able to go through the draft and if not selected come back to school. NCAA FIRST, MONEY SECOND, student athlete EXPOLITED!! PLEASE STOP the MADNESS!


That would be hell for coaches trying to figure out how to fill a roster without overflowing it/wasting a spot. Prospects have an incredible amount of info at their disposal when they declare, if they don’t get drafted they had to know it was a possibility and should be culpable for the choices they make. I think the current model of “declare without agent, gather info, workout and talk to teams, get more feedback, return if the feedback isn’t good enough” is more than fair.


Nonsense. The draft is 3 weeks after the current deadline for players to opt out. The early signing date is in November. It is ridiculous to give that little inconvenience to coaches so much weight when the consequences are great for the players.


I’d like to follow the college hockey model


Me as well. Works for coaches, programs and players.


Again, with all the info the players get before choosing the draft there is a ZERO percent chance they didn’t know that was a possibility to go undrafted if that indeed happens. Knowledge = culpability. I’ve had that beaten into my head by every authoratative figure in my life. Sure there’s consequences. If you make a choice that has potential consequences and you know going in what those consequences are it’s pointless to say they shouldn’t have to face those consequences.


Of course they know that. It’s completely beside the point. Why should they be forced into making that decision? It’s so important for their careers, yet they are forced to make an irrevocable decision that often amounts to guesswork. It may be easy for us to say that Matthews won’t be drafted, but there are plenty of players where it’s less clear.


They made/are making choices knowing exactly what each possible outcome is and what the chances of those outcomes are. I know people like to call them “kids” when they do stupid shit off the court, but they’re 20 year olds who can make tough decisions. Most already have with deciding on a college in the first place. That’s the point of the whole “declare without an agent” thing. At that point it is what it is. Sure you can feel bad if they go undrafted, but it’s just wrong to say they were “forced to go.”


But why the restriction…what’s the point? The point is all about control, money and exploiting the athelete. I totally disagree with the current system. Student athletes should have the option to evaluate career opportunities and then hone their skills back at school. Why are we penalizing the kids?


They are… that’s exactly what Charles Matthews is doing and he will have every opportunity to return if he desires.


But why penalize the student athlete…what’s the point? What is the NCAA protecting?


How are they penalizing them? The NCAA wants to be an amateur organization that disallows agents. If you don’t hire an agent and go undrafted (Randolph Morris) you are eligible to return to college, at least you were when his case happened. I’ve found nothing that says this has changed. Of course, he had contact with agents about potential deals and had to sit out half the season, but he absolutely came back to college after having his name in the draft and getting undrafted. Why are you trying to act like this isn’t the rule?


You really don’t think the SA isn’t restricted by the process?


You’re not answering the question. And obviously I never said they were forced to go. Let’s not get silly and put that in quotes.

I said they were being forced to make a big decision without getting all the information they could have in a few more weeks. The relevant question is why. Why is it enough to give them some time to go through the process, but too much to give them three more weeks to see if they actually do get drafted and eliminate the guesswork?

I’ll guarantee that more 32 players get told by teams that they may take them in the first round. Same for the second round.


But then why can College Hockey and Baseball players sign with agents?


Definitely not in any way that is as unreasonable as you make it out to be.

Edit: and I think trying to compare the football/basketball drafts with hockey/baseball is unreasonable. Just totally different dynamics. Maybe if the NBA undoes the one and done rule we can get a better minor league system that gives players another alternative to the NCAA and let’s just compare the two drastically different processes more directly.


I’m not looking for an argument here…i just do not agree with the process. You have your opinion, I respect that.

Enough said!


This matter is officially concluded!