Charles Matthews declares for NBA Draft without an agent


Sure, but getting drafted in the 2nd round != automatic guaranteed contract like a first round pick does.


That wasn’t an advocation for Charles to take a swing at it. Just offering a correction to the information.


This seems like a pretty distorted way to present this. You make it sound like there has ever been anyone who preferred to be drafted in the 2nd round to the 1st.

Who has ever wanted to avail themselves of this boon you have just created out of whole cloth?


The question is for how many years. A team knowing they’re tied to you for a full 3 years is huge in terms of where you sit on their priority list, how much rope you have, whether they view you as interchangeable or an investment.


There are cases where early second rounders have negotiated “better” contracts than last first rounders


There is no way in hell that he’s an early round 2 prospect if he didn’t even get invited to the combine. best case scenario he is 59th out of 60. After dropping 18 ppg next year he can easily be a first rounder and make it worthwhile next year


Didn’t mean to leave out the bit about not being guaranteed, though it’s not uncommon to get a guaranteed deal in the 2nd.
I’m also not saying someone would necessarily want to be 2nd rounder over a late 1st rounder. However, there are alot of examples of guys who got paid sooner because they went in the second round. Khris Middleton comes to mind as a good example.

Plus, athletes at this level and this good are going to be confident or they’re not going to make it anyway. It is certainly possible that someone would take that into consideration when trying to determine whether or not they’ll come back for another year of college. Doesn’t mean it’s the right, or smart decision but if you think you have the game it could help soften the blow of not being a 1st rounder.


Everytime I see a new post on this thread, I’m terrified the post is gonna contain a good bye tweet from Charles.


This does not mean that any non-Euro has ever expressed a preference for not being in the 1st round.

Also Charles isn’t getting anywhere near the start of the 2nd round, so that’s pretty irrelevant to this thread.


He’s not in a spot to get one of those guarantees in all likelihood, though.

Sure, there are guys who ended up lucking out by being second rounders. I’m pretty sure they’re the exception, not the rule, though.

That is also some kind of attempt to thread the needle to convince yourself it’s good to be a non-guaranteed 2nd rounder. Or even a 2nd rounder who doesn’t have 3 full years guaranteed. It’s insanely risky. Charles simply does not have an NBA ready game right now. Coming into the NBA non-guaranteed with a non-NBA ready game is just stupid. It’s a ticket to all sorts of bad outcomes.

Anyway, I hope and think that the bet he’s going to make on himself is that he’s going to come back and put himself in the situation he wants to be in next year.


Charles is on Instagram Live right now and people are obviously commenting stay another year…here’s what Charles just said:


“Stay another year…man some of y’all fans be acting so selfish man…that’s what I think, everybody be in my DMs talking bout stay another year just cuz I might wanna go to the NBA this year…especially after I laid it all out there for y’all this year. I guess sometimes you can’t get what you want”


Sometimes we need to sit back and remember these are still kids we’re talking about.


Selfish? You’re foolish if you enter the draft when you won’t even be drafted… it’s one thing if you don’t care if your ever make it to the league but if that’s your goal, then this is not the time and place for that… you won’t be picked and then you’ll have a choice of G League or europe and unless you dominate that league, you ain’t ever making it to the to the NBA


Whatever bro: enjoy your time making $20k and never making it to the NBA. I’m fine if next year is a little worse off but Iggy and Johns get more experience, but I just think it’s so ill informed if he goes without a draft guarantee. If you don’t even get an invite to the combine, you aren’t gonna be drafted


Yeah I really don’t want any of this to come across as anti-Charles cuz I love the kid’s game/swagger and really hope it works out for him. But I also don’t really remember a player who was entirely off draft boards openly antagonizing his team’s fan base like Charles seems to be doing. Weird situation. Feel like the best case scenario at this point is he kills a workout and sneaks into the second round, I guess that’s what I’m rooting for now


Kids who intially go to Kentucky thinking it will be a 1 year pit stop until they get to the league probably aren’t amused heading into their 4th year still not in the league.

He may just not have any interest of playing in college anymore, and any amount logic or rational thought doesn’t matter.


Recent history says UM’s Matthews faces long NBA Draft odds


Let’s not read anything into a Q&A session online. This young man has every single person who matters telling him what would happen if he were to declare early. Every single option is getting dissected. As far as we know he’s just messing with his instagram followers who are telling him what he can’t do.


Why do you care? And I disagree with @CoryR. He is an adult making an adult decision. I would say that most people messaging him publicly that don’t know him are selfish and probably a little childish. There might be some who genuinely care about Matthews’s best interests, but most are probably selfish “fans”. Maybe before posting on this topic, and especially responding directly to Charles, people should ask themselves ‘what would Beilein do?’


Ask yourself what would you do if you came from CM’s neighbor in Chicago. A few weeks ago over 70 people where shot in Chicago. The NCAA won’t let the players earn money.

Maybe the a shoe company or agent is sponsoring CM even if he doesn’t get drafted.