Charles Matthews declares for NBA Draft without an agent


That’s just flat out wrong. He has to withdraw by May 30 if he wants to stay eligible. The rules have changed twice since Randolph Morris.
Council changes date for students to remove names from NBA Draft


Ok :wink:


Exactly, actually, I am quite disturbed by the fact that NCAA applies rules regarding amature status unevenly across different sports


I respect Charles’s choice which ever way he take. i think that he is better off coming back for another year but if he feels play professionally next year, I will root for him too.


Yep that’s always been the thing for me too. NCAA says it has amateurism is key and a founding principle and what not, and yet what defines an amateur in baseball is different than in basketball. So why is this concept important if it’s not consistent?


All the drafts are completely different. In hockey, you are draft eligible when you turn 18 and that’s the only time you can be drafted. That team holds your rights. If you aren’t drafted then you are a free agent. The NFL’s rule is that you have to be three years removed from graduating high school. MLB is tricky because you can get drafted multiple times by multiple teams. Teams lose your rights after the next draft happens. You can be drafted after HS, after junior college, and then after three years of college ball (also can get drafted after two years of college as long as you are 21). We all know basketballs issues.


Edge of the internet rumors starting to say he’s leaving and it’ll break soon.


im rooting for him but its a huge mistake. That said, is there any grad transfers that are still out there worth taking? Now I wish we had made a run for Cremo. He probably would have been interested if he knew there was a spot avaialble and would be a perfect fit. oh well…

Seriously lets get on finding some body who can help in SOME WAY.


If your definition of amateurism is dependent on the professional leagues draft rules, that’s a pretty week/inconsistent definition


This is crazy but I’m actually not that concerned if he does go. Poole/Iggy/Livers/Johns is gonna be the best combo of wings in the conference anyway


I will never be personally upset with a player for leaving, just frustrated as a fan. Anyone that comments on his IG posts saying to stay is as dumb as people tweeting at recruits. It’s his life, let him make a choice. Charles was right when he said he doesn’t owe fans anything.

Having said that, it seems like Michigan has been inordinately hurt by players leaving to be 2nd round draft picks. I’d be curious to se which teams have had the most players leave early and be 2nd rounders. Michigan has Manny, GRIII, Darius, and possibly Mo and Charles


It’s just wild to me that MSU got two years out of Miles Bridges and Michigan gets one playable year from guys like DJ Wilson and Charles Matthews. It’s funny to make fun of Izzo for “holding his guys back” but really frustrating as a fan when guys leave early and get 70 DNP - Coaches Decisions if they even make a roster


I’d be more concerned if Simpson or Poole left vs Matthews.

Love him and wish him well but we have the personale to be just as good as last year.


And in this case, Matthews will be lucky to be a second round pick. He’s more likely to be undrafted. In the last 3-4 years, there have been zero american players drafted who weren’t at least invited to the combine.

I wouldn’t want him back if his head wasn’t in it though. Hopefully he is completely cool with G League or Europe. If so, then good for him. Go get paid to play basketball. If his goal is the NBA, it’s going to be an uphill battle doing it this way.


Charles has already completed three years in college. If he desires to go make a living somewhere playing basketball, best of luck to him.


Yep this is a kid that entered college thinking he was one and done, tough to convince those kids to stay 4 years no matter how much sense it would make to do so.


Once again, I’ll wait until the end of the day on Wednesday. I truly hope Charles makes the right choice…for himself and for Michigan Basketball. I think he will.



This is not a good sign in my opinion…


I’ll be very curious to see what JB’s comments are when it is announced


JB’s comments will be absolutely classy either way, but, yeah, I’ll be interested to hear his comments, too.