Charles Matthews declares for NBA Draft without an agent


Yep, lots of time before players must withdraw from the draft. Charles is “testing the waters” and will be working out with teams in order to assess where he stands. As a Michigan fan I am completely supportive of his desire to find out not only where he stands in this year’s draft but what he needs to do to be a very attractive draft choice next year. I fully expect him to come back armed with great knowledge of where he needs to improve, but if he finds a team(s) seriously interested in him this year who will definitely draft him and that sees a future for him, then I wish him all the best. I certainly hope he comes back, and I think it’s in HIS best interests to do so, but I also want him to fulfill his dreams, and if the NBA tells him he should come this year, that’s great. Thanks for being a voice of reason on this Dylan. Lots of time. We just have to be patient.



Thought this was an interesting quote from Beilein…

“We’ve been looking at transfers, grad transfers,” Beilein said. “The transfer thing is real, but it also takes (a scholarship) away from (2019) and Charles could come back a fifth year too. Welcome to our world. Every (coach) is juggling the same basketballs right now.”

Could be reading too much into it but interesting he mentioned the possible 5th year for Matthews. Maybe reading too much into it but why talk 5th year unless you think he’s coming back for a 4th.

Also of note in the MLive article it talks about JB and Warde Manuel working on an extension. Not sure if that had been mentioned here before or not.


Love the news of the extension talks in place. I really hope he’s got at least five more years before retirement, we’re so lucky to have Coach B.

Makes sense for Charles to be weighing his options, and Michigan to be considering all of the possibilities. Would like to see who he’s working out with, just out of curiosity. Even without the combine I imagine he’s getting some interest.