Charles Matthews declares for NBA Draft without an agent


Yep, lots of time before players must withdraw from the draft. Charles is “testing the waters” and will be working out with teams in order to assess where he stands. As a Michigan fan I am completely supportive of his desire to find out not only where he stands in this year’s draft but what he needs to do to be a very attractive draft choice next year. I fully expect him to come back armed with great knowledge of where he needs to improve, but if he finds a team(s) seriously interested in him this year who will definitely draft him and that sees a future for him, then I wish him all the best. I certainly hope he comes back, and I think it’s in HIS best interests to do so, but I also want him to fulfill his dreams, and if the NBA tells him he should come this year, that’s great. Thanks for being a voice of reason on this Dylan. Lots of time. We just have to be patient.



Thought this was an interesting quote from Beilein…

“We’ve been looking at transfers, grad transfers,” Beilein said. “The transfer thing is real, but it also takes (a scholarship) away from (2019) and Charles could come back a fifth year too. Welcome to our world. Every (coach) is juggling the same basketballs right now.”

Could be reading too much into it but interesting he mentioned the possible 5th year for Matthews. Maybe reading too much into it but why talk 5th year unless you think he’s coming back for a 4th.

Also of note in the MLive article it talks about JB and Warde Manuel working on an extension. Not sure if that had been mentioned here before or not.


Love the news of the extension talks in place. I really hope he’s got at least five more years before retirement, we’re so lucky to have Coach B.

Makes sense for Charles to be weighing his options, and Michigan to be considering all of the possibilities. Would like to see who he’s working out with, just out of curiosity. Even without the combine I imagine he’s getting some interest.


Charles just tweeted, “Bet on yourself :100:” …


Man if Charles declares with no combine invite and doesn’t get drafted that would be…something


Judging by his Instagram feed, looks like he’s working out for the Knicks.


Let’s face it, he doesn’t want anything to do with another year in college.

Won’t get drafted, but still money to be made out there.


The people in his twitter mentions are for some reason interpreting that as him coming back


I would actually read that the other way. Bet on yourself sounds like going against what most think he should do and bet on himself.


That could mean so many things.


Maybe someone should let him know that even though betting on sports is legal now that it will be frowned upon for him to put a wager on his games at Michigan next season


Obviously don’t want him to leave but its a mistake. He will for sure be a top twenty pick looking at the prospects next year if he improves his shot and handle.

If he does leave do you think coach b shakes the tree on some grad transfers who might still be hanging around? I think it would be worth bringing SOMEONE in who can shoot and score a bit, not sure if anyone worth while is out here but…


On the other hand, if Charles is a for sure top 20 pick next year, he shouldn’t have too much of a problem landing a contract somewhere and be able to work on his game full time. As a fan, I prefer that he returns to Michigan, but I would understand his decision if he leaves.


Yeah. That’s how I think most would interpret that.


I don’t know how nba contracts work but I’d imagine he gets a much better deal as a top 20 pick next year as opposed to second round or undrafted free agent pick up…


Unbelievable if he goes pro. Not only would it be virtually unprecedented for a non combine invite to just stay in the draft NONE of the few who did have been drafted. This just seems like it would n insane choice and more bad luck for the program. Fortunately JB is a master at rebounding from early departures but this would be ridiculous.


As second rounder you can sign shorter contracts and get a larger contract sooner. The downside is that as a 1st rounder you’d likely get a longer leash to develop if you don’t hit the ground running, plus get paid more off the bat.


You forgot also that 2nd round contracts are not guaranteed. 1st round are guaranteed for 2 years and are obviously for more money than 2nd round.

So for someone to leave 2 years of eligibility on the table to mayyybe sneak into the late second round is kind of ridiculous. Even if you move up and get drafted in the second round you could still get cut before the season.


There are a fair amount of 2nd round contracts that are negotiated as guaranteed.