Charles Matthews declares for NBA Draft without an agent


If Matthews comes back, Michigan is the best and deepest team in the conference imo


There’s a lot of players on that list who had significantly worse seasons than Charles.

College production doesn’t always translate to NBA success but man I could see Charles coming back with a printed out list of all the names of guards and wings that took a spot from him


In terms of options, Matthews can still do work outs with specific teams. That being said, the clock is ticking and the whole NBA will be in Chicago for the combine.


Honestly, I’m more shocked Nojel Eastern wasn’t invited.



I’m not shocked the NBA is more interested in a 6’8” shooting guard than one listed GENEROUSLY at 6’1”.


Watching him play for Toronto right now and see the comparison.


We definitely don’t want playoff derozen.


I picked a bad night to laud the comparison!


I don’t want to say this rudely, but the things I’m reading up a bit in the topic seem like weirdly bad intel. I don’t really get where it came from initially. If it’s anything dotman says, hard pass.


Was more people than Dotman, including our very own johnmiller. And it doesn’t really seem super out of character with what we know about Charles.


Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I’m not saying it doesn’t square with what I think, I’m saying it just didn’t square with anything I’d been hearing. I could be super wrong, of course.


You aren’t wrong. Not getting an invite to the combine has thrown him off a little. He was expecting to atleast have a chance to play in the games. He will work out for teams individually aspected.


Sooooooo… You’d think since there was no combine invite that we’d know by now if he’ll be back. Perhaps he’s considering the D-League or Europe?


Still probably trying out with individual teams perhaps.


I also haven’t’ seen anything about being at any team workouts. Maybe not all teams do it but I know many teams publish the names of all the guys who they workout.


Just like other guys who aren’t going to the combine, he’s trying to do team workouts and gather feedback, i.e. going through the process.

The combine isn’t the only part of testing the waters.


I have a friend who works for the Wizards and their first team workout is May 22nd, so it may just be a bit early for us to have heard any info on his workout schedule.


Forgot he was still doing individual workouts. I guess it can’t hurt to try.


No different than guys like Carsen Edwards, Nick Ward, others who are testing the waters. It is tricky because a lot of teams don’t do many workouts before the lottery. Also some teams publish a lot more about their workouts than others.