Charles Matthews declares for NBA Draft without an agent


It’s amazing. In February some were wondering aloud why he was still in Michigan’s rotation…Now he could be adding to Coach Beilein’s incredible early entry list.


He had some tough games where things weren’t working for him, and his shot wasn’t falling. Big Ten scouting is excellent, so I think teams had an understanding about how to defend him. But the calls for him to sit were classic fan overreactions.


Yeah most of them I remember came from the in-game threads where overreactions are the norm.


Man I hope he comes back.

He could really use some work on his handle and shot.


You must not remember DeRozan at USC? because he does not resemble that player now. Like Matthews he was a great athlete. He has improved tremendously and I think Matthews will also.
DeRozan college stats were 13.9 pts., 5.7rb, 1.5asst., 2ptfg% = 52.3, 3ptfg% = 16.7, FT% 64.6.

I like the Matthews comparison as a college player. Not saying Matthews will turn into DeRozan in the NBA.


The biggest difference between early season and end of season Mathews is that he played within his skill set down the stretch. Defend like mad and get to the rim when it was there. Far fewer times did the ball hit the floor in traffic and his mid range and 3 pt shooting was more within the flow of the offense.

If you remember early in the season for some reason he often had the ball as the shock clock went under 10 leading to bad decisions. Later in the year as Simpson emerged those late in shot clock desperation shots went away.


It seems like Charles is confident that he’s going to show out in the 5v5 and drills and then get drafted.

IMO, I feel like he will probably bomb that stuff and he won’t get a draftable grade. Charles’ improvement at the end of the year primarily came just from making better decisions within the flow of the offense. He hasn’t really solved his ball-handling and shooting deficiencies. And those are reaaaaally gonna stick out in the 5v5 and shooting drills.


VERY important:

Charles does NOT appear to have been invited to the combine — at least before there were any drop-outs. Ayton and Robert Williams have already rejected invites to the combine and are not on the list.


By my count, the list actually has 69 names, so Charles may not even be one of the first alternates to participate.

Edit: good work on the front page, Dylan :slight_smile:


Very strange that there was initially a report saying he got an invite… Not particularly surprising that he didn’t get one though.


How many players in recent years have entered the draft without a combine invite and actually gotten drafted?


Vince and Carsen weren’t invited but Kevin Huerter was. Interesting.


I get Vince Edwards. Shocked at Huerter > Carsen though.


Bruno Fernando also got an invite.


Good find! I hesitate to “like” your post because I ultimately hope that Charles lives out his dream, but I’d also be excited if he returned next season (and then lived out his dream).


That doesn’t shock me. I could see him blowing up the testing and then a team talking themselves into taking him with a late 1st.

He’s surprisingly not on DX’s top 100 list though.


Charles seems like a mature person, but I hope this didn’t have to be an embarrassment or painful surprise. . .


But yeah, this is an indication that Charles has no shot at getting drafted. 69 players on the list. 4 players confirmed to have turned down an invite. And we should expect 4-8 other Euros that weren’t invited to get drafted in the second.

So, basically it’s full confirmation that the NBA doesn’t consider Charles to be a top 80 prospect.


To the extent it is, I hope it motivates him to take the world by storm in the next year-plus.


If true, chip meet shoulder next year.