Charles Matthews declares for NBA Draft without an agent


23 when the season will be starting* is what I meant.


10 23+ Year old first round picks since 2010? That is really surprising to me.

Edit: is this just draft picks in general?


No, first round picks at age of draft. Sorry, I counted wrong. It’s 9


If we’re getting real technical here he’ll still be 22 when the 2019 season starts unless they push it back a month :wink:


So it looks like being 23 for most of a rookie season isn’t the first round death mark that some are making it out to be.


In the last 10 drafts, 13 players have been drafted in the first round at the age of 23 or older. Change the age to 22 and you have 53 players drafted in the first round.


Tides changing? Last second change of heart… or mind…?



AWESOME! Going to be so fun to watch him another year. We’re lucky as fans! I think he’ll be a first rounder next year as well so will be great all the way around!


How dare any of you doubt Ted Rydquist?


Thanks to everyone who went through this with me. You are all my spirit animals.


I’m almost ashamed for laughing out loud at that. Wait. Nope. I’m not.



I am beyond pleased and excited, and I really think this is absolutely the best choice for Charles. Now let’s lead the team back to the national championship, because I know that’s what you are about, winning championships! AND THEN, first round choice in the 2019 draft! Top Twenty? Lottery? I’m betting on you, Charles Mathews! Go Blue!


It’s crazy, nothing has really changed but I feel like we’re all of a sudden absolutely loaded next season.


I just told my wife that Charles is coming back and she said, “Good, now you don’t have to stay up until midnight!” :rofl:



There are banners to be hung.


I think we are absolutely loaded. Everyone saying fringe top 25 will be shocked. Simpson, Matthews, Teske will be the core of a great defense. Poole, Iggy, Matthews will be a trio of versatile elite scorers that can fill it up in all sorts of ways. Dejulius, Johns, Livers, Castleton is incredible depth…we will be a better team than last season IMO and it shouldn’t be close.


Better than last year?! That’s a bit of a hot take! I keep wondering where are three point shooting will end up losing Moe, Duncan and MAAR…Then again, last year I wondered how we would do without having a point guard like Walton who could go one on one at the end of the shot clock. I need to learn to trust that Beilein will figure it out.