Charles Matthews declares for NBA Draft without an agent


From about an hour ago, he is returning to Michigan. Last year I posted dj was returning because that’s what dj told Charles personally. I was obviously wrong about that even though I feel I shared valid and legit information. His dad wants him to return and his brothers are pushing him to go pro. I personally have shared with his family and people close that I feel he should return. Just seems like common knowledge he’ll probably end up overseas or in the G-league.


Thanks for sharing what you can. Interesting that there’s a bit of a mixed opinion in the family.


Source, or just a hunch?


I truly believe a full decision has not been made yet. At least not one that I’ve been made aware of and I’ve talked to his father and both brothers.


Thanks for the update John. I’m newer to this board…just wondering what your relationship with Charles and the Matthews family is?



I would expect there will be a huge, collective sigh of relief if your first sentence holds true. For me it will be a sigh of relief as much for him as it is for our team and our fans. I wish him all the best in whatever decision he makes, and I will root for him wherever he may be. It sounds like he’s really torn and this is a VERY difficult decision for him. Thanks for your input, John!



Go Blue!


Is he legit? I feel like he isn’t. In response to Cory


132 followers… no not legit


I bet it’s a guy who read JohnMiller’s post and is trying to get ahead of the curve for attention.


Complete hunch.

Just haven’t heard ANYTHING positive aside from a few random twitter accounts.

Who knows.


Mo just Retweeted Charles’ “bet on yourself” tweet. Does that mean anything? Probably not but I’ve been waiting all day for an announcement. Seems like Charles is the last guy left


Other names still yet to confirm intentions, in case anyone is curious:

The Martin Twins (Nevada), the Kentucky Trio (Washington, Gabriel, and Vanderbilt), Brian Bowen (South Carolina, may not be cleared by NCAA, implications on our SoS next year), Tyus Battle (Syracuse), Lindell Wigginton (Iowa State), Tyler Cook (Iowa), Jalen McDaniels (San Diego State).


That tweet and the retweet could be “bet on yourself” to have a great year at Michigan next year and work your way into the first round as a surefire first round pick. Frankly, to me, that is what makes the most sense.


That is how interpreted as well.

Wagner bet on himself and is a guarantee to be drafted.


Question for those with the luxury of free time: how many 23 year olds have been 1st round picks in recent years?


here you go. none since 2007. one and done started 2006.


For what it’s worth Charles will be 22 at the time of next year’s draft. :wink:


Charles will be 22 if he is drafted next year.

I counted 10 since 2010 that were 23+

If you open it up to 22+ there are about 4-6 per draft.


Optimism levels rising…