Charles Matthews declares for NBA Draft without an agent


I just think we’re returning the best two defenders/starters in Simpson and Matthews. On paper, Poole and Iggy are uber-talented players with all-conference potential unlike the guys they are replacing. I’ll be very surprised if Poole and Iggy don’t get drafted some day.

Moe is the big one we can’t replace but gotta hope the versatility of guys like Livers, Johns and Teske at the 5 spot can make up for it on other ways.

Probably won’t make it back to the title game but never say never. I think the team will be a bigger regular season conference championship threat than last year and potentially a top 10 team from November through the end of the year.


I think the team with Matthews back has upside to be about as good as last year, but I wouldn’t straight up predict it.


Huge. Mathews is going to carry this team on his back!


So that’s who your friend has been this whole time…


We will be long on potential, but short on experience. Having Charles back will be huge.


I noticed that Beilein referred to 2018-2019 as Matthews’ senior year. I wonder if Matthews will be reclassified as another poster speculated?


Its possible CM makes a huge jump next year. Last year was his first full year of playing(game time) college BB, its possible he makes a “freshman to sophomore” type of improvement.

I hoping for the best for CM, love his game.


It technically is his senior year. Michigan’s roster doesn’t include redshirts to begin with. Also gives UM some roster flexibility to recruit with Charles scholarship. I.e. signing two players wouldn’t be “oversigning” because Matthews is planning to graduate and go pro next year.


I agree, the year before last he made valuable contributions as a “scout” team player, but this year he had to learn and adapt his game to the Beilein offense. He made tremendous improvements through the year and played outstanding basketball at the end, through the B1G Tournament and during the NCAA Tournament run. He’s extremely hard working and is a flat out winner. He accepts coaching and knows what he has to do to help the team and to help his draft prospects for next year. I think between Charles and Z we’re going to have two great leaders on the team! I wish the season started tomorrow!


His intensity is unmatched and the kid is fearless. Maybe the best rebounder on the team and plays with real grit. In my opinion, Charles put the Bully in the box and helped redefine the soft label that was once attached. Thoughts of that big smile against MSU and Ward come to mind!


In a sense, the season starts in just a few weeks when the 5 freshmen arrive in Ann Arbor.


We should also get a season preview in August. IIRC, there was full came footage that game out of the Italy games 4 years ago.


You bet! Boy I wish I could sneak in for a few open gyms this summer!


Props to @johnmiller for getting this one right.


Not too many, I just happen to know him :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll never forget hearing Charles say, “what the hell is going on” when DJ announced he was leaving, smh. Was he right in leaving? Absolutely. Just didn’t end as he told people it would.


I’m glad to have Charles back. We would have been OK if he left, but we’re better with him. Here’s hoping he has a big year and moves up into the first round of the 2019 draft.


I don’t know how OK we would have been without him. We would only be returning one starter. We would be losing 3 seniors in addition to our two best players and replacing them with 5 talented but unproven freshmen. Our upper class men leaders would be Teske and Simpson. Charles coming back, IMHO, takes us from middle of the pack to conference favorites.


Livers and Simpson are 2 starters…


A great example of why returning minutes makes more sense than returning starters :wink:


with and without Charles are two totally different team. The path is a lot clear with Charles leading the wolf pack.