Charles Matthews declares for NBA Draft without an agent


Well, I did dabble in poetry eons ago, back in the day. Now I just write a bit of prose. Sometimes I try to be witty, sometimes profound, sometimes instructional. I often tell stories, usually in my speaking, which can include audiences of as few as one or two to as many as six or seven hundred. Sometimes I just talk to myself, a surefire way to be sure someone is listening! I’ve written speeches, including eulogies, and I’m currently working on narratives describing the golf holes at the golf course where I “work.” Occasionally I write in stream of consciousness which sometimes causes me to “forget” to use paragraphs, a malady for which I’ve been criticized here on the forum. :wink: I’m amazed that there is actually a Professor of English here on the forum to point out THAT indiscretion. Oops, there’s another word in ALL caps! Oh, well. Feel free to use the words I write in any way you wish, which is what I say to all the FOLKS who read my stuff. :slightly_smiling_face:


That could be true, buckets, but I’m hoping the announcement tomorrow, after they (HOPEFULLY) announce the commitment of a certain 5 star small forward, rather than numbing the pain, is just GOOD NEWS times two TOMORROW! By the way, there is a Haiku in there for bebopson. :smile:


As of this morning Webb says staff dosent know either way. Just fyi


The forum won’t even let me post this by itself

2020 NBA


Hmmm, I’m usually more coherent than this, but sometimes poems can be hard to understand. I can’t even figure this one out. No wonder the forum wouldn’t let you post it!

You know what, we’re way off topic, and having been chastised for that before, perhaps we should just wait patiently until tomorrow when we’ll all know the intentions of Mr. Charles Matthews. As I sent via code earlier, HOPEFULLY GOOD NEWS TOMORROW! THAT’S ALL FOLKS!

Oh, how 'bout those paragraphs? Pretty slick, huh! :wink:


Apparently the coaching staff is completely in the dark…


I am pretty positive our coaching staff has presented information and evaluated feedback with him.

Let’s be real, all the information they have indicates that he needs to come back and they have probably told him that.

The fact that it has even made it this far is pretty laughable to be honest.

I am sure the coaches said they will support whatever decision is made, but privately, I highly doubt they truly support and think he is NBA ready.


Right. We’re saying the coaches aren’t aware if Matthews is coming back or not.

We all agree he’s not NBA ready.


Given this, I would definitely lean towards him announcing he is gone.


I think he stays


@johnmiller you are somewhat connected to the situation. how much should we be bracing ourselves?


I’m going to assume he is staying in the draft and then I can be pleasantly surprised if he comes back. If he’s staying in the draft, he doesn’t really need to make an announcement…he’s already declared for the draft.


I doubt he chimes in. He’s too close and probably on lock down.


agreed, doesnt hurt to ask :wink:


Very few players are ready to step into the NBA and contribute significantly (or effectively) their first year. Most draft picks spend their time on the bench the first year and only get garbage time if they even stick with the NBA team. I think he could probably raise his stock by staying another year but NBA ready isn’t a critique that says anything IMO. Plenty of players weren’t NBA ready when they entered the draft and ended up fine. Alot don’t. But so do alot of players that were considered NBA ready.


Yeah, it’s less about being “NBA Ready” and more about “being in a state where an NBA team is willing to give you money”. Doesn’t seem like Charles is at that point.


Mathews might believe that he is more ready than some whom NBA teams are willing to give money to … but NBA teams likely not ready to give money to him …


Seems like we should hear something soon…

The NBA’s deadline to withdrawal from the draft is June 11, but the NCAA requires athletes to submit a written statement announcing their decision to remove their name from the draft by 11:59 p.m. on May 30 (10 days after the end of the combine) in order to maintain their collegiate eligibility.


My bad 12 more hours…


He is gone.