Big Ten Tournament Discussion Thread


We should have a set of umhoops subscriber poll awards. I know some other fan boards that do so and even present the award to the players.


Given Izzo’s love for the media, he could just be trolling them hard (channeling his inner Belichick) and he actually plans to work his guys over the break.


I’m sure you’re right. I’m also sure he sounded like a babbling idiot, not something I’d be proud of if I were a Sparty!


Ahhh, yes, Denzel. Seriously, I didn’t even know who he was talking about. That’s how inconsequential former Spartans are to me. Just don’t follow 'em, don’t remember 'em. Didn’t they have a guy named Magic Jackson, or something? Played for, hmmm, maybe the L.A. Clippers! :rofl:


Folks will put up with a lot if their team is still winning and will nitpick every little thing when their team is losing. I’m glad our coach treats others, including the media, with respect win or lose.


Speaking of Valentine, I heard he said after MSU loss in BTT Saturday, ‘we will take our two seed and hopefully Michigan make the tourney now’.


:laughing::laughing::laughing: Giddy Up, Denzel. Giddy Up.


Haha. It is not uncommon for MSU fans to be heard saying things like “dropping down to a two seed doesn’t bother me”.


It’s also funny to see how the BTT or regular season crown only matters when Sparty wins it.


To be fair MSU’s title is more valuable this year with all the asterisks around it.

They are calling it “bling”.


This times a thousand. I watched on Saturday with 3 Sparties…first of all, they go into each game against us saying “I bet Michigan wins, bad matchup, need it more, blah blah blah”. Then afterward, they say “we don’t play for the BTT, we play for the one that matters”.

Yet, the year we won the conference by 3 games, but Sparty beat us in the BTT finals…my facebook feed was completely blown up with MSU alums talking about their championship.


Just wait until they get Daum’ed in the Tourney. Then we’ll hear about the legacy left by the 2018 regular season title and how the allegations and Sparty vs. the World took them down.

I have my "Get the Hell Outta Here"s ready.


I’m pretty sure I stole it off of a twitter reply somewhere, so feel free!


And that was no fake scheduling title like sparty won this year.

That was the year of “sparty crying even more than usual about injuries and weird guys in the lineup.”


Finally got around to watching Izzo’s post-2nd-L interview: the guy is so insufferable. He never gives any actual insight into the game, just back-handedly congratulates the opponent and blames his own players. Even when he took some credit for L, saying that the coaches “got the scouting report wrong” by ‘letting’ X and CM take wide-open 3s, he was really just harping on his earlier point, which is that we were lucky that CM and X made those shots. Just excuses on excuses on excuses.

So many coaches, not just JB (Miles, Painter, Holtmann, McCafferey), give genuine analysis of the game and kudos to opposing coaches/players for what they did well.


I can’t believe he’s still going on about those 3’s. You’d think they were the worst 3 point shooters in the history of basketball. Charles is freaking 34% from 3. Which I believe was Michigan’s overall percentage from 3 for the game which is on par for their average on the season. But yes, Tom, please keep going on about how lucky Michigan was.


Someone else said it, but maybe we were lucky that X and Matthews hit those early 3’s, but that was easily counterbalanced by Wagner missing all his open shots in the 1st half. Whatever. I don’t want to waste too much more time thinking about Izzo when I really love how our coach answers questions in any setting/situation.


Start of OT Michigan vs UCLA, Zavier Simpson and Charles Matthews each hit a 3 pointer to stake M to a 6 point lead they would not relinquish. If any game turned the season around, it was that one. Tom Izzo should have paid closer attention.


Random stat of the hour:

Only 3 games in the B1G Tournament were decided by double digits.

Michigan had 2 of them (along with a 9 point win that wasn’t actually that close vs. Purdue).

Got that stat from here:


I don’t care for the long layoff after, but as a Michigan fan I have zero problem with the location…